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Hydraulic Gear Pump

The hydraulic gear pump can generate steady fluid flow for cylinders or motors. Get one according to the best hydraulic gear pump price today!

Hydraulic Gear Pump

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About Hydraulic Gear Pump

The hydraulic gear pump is a unique device – it comes in handy for hydraulic systems to generate constant fluid flow under steady pressure. Oil is the preferred fluid component in a hydraulic gear pump because of its efficiency in lubricating cylinders, motors, and most kinds of hydraulic machinery.

The pump is a popular choice in several industrial and mobile applications such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery, etc. However, a concerning point revolving around the hydraulic vane pump is that it can generate excess noise and heat. Nonetheless, it is still a sensible choice for particular hydraulic projects, so choose one that complies with industrial standards!

Key Features of Hydraulic Gear Pump

The hydraulic gear pump is quite feature-rich for its users, making it acceptable across contrasting hydraulic applications. The most common features you will find across all its models are the:

Positive displacement ratio: Similar to the vane pump, this hydraulic gear pump delivers consistent and fixed fluid volume per rotation!

Simplicity in design: The machine generally provides two meshing gears, a housing chamber, and inlet and outlet ports. The simplicity is the essence of style; low maintenance, high manufacturing!

High pressure delivery: The pump can also generate excessive hydraulic pressures, making it suitable for applications that require significantly large raw power.

Lightweight convenience: Most gear pump models have compact sizes, making them suitable for mobile and tightly knit areas.

High reliability: The machine does not compromise on its efficiency. It can perform well under various operating conditions, thereby cementing its reliability.

Self-priming feature: The pump can create a vacuum to suck fluid from a reservoir or source. This makes it a proper accessory in situations where the fluid source is not under constant pressure.

Most of the other conventional features you will find in the hydraulic gear pump are the ability to operate in both directions, provide both fixed and variable displacement options according to requirements, and offer high viscosity tolerance by handling a wide range of fluids, etc. The machine is also cost-effective in nature!

Working Procedure of Hydraulic Gear Pump

The hydraulic gear pump works in a systematic procedure by meshing two hears inside the housing chamber to create positive fluid displacement. We have simplified this process by preparing a step-by-step explanation for your convenience down below:

  • First, check the gear configuration for any unwanted inconsistencies. These are usually spur gears with teeth that mesh together.
  • Then, the hydraulic fluid enters through the inlet port. During this phase, the gears create a low-pressure area on the inlet side. By doing so, it sucks in hydraulic fluid from the attached source.
  • Third, once the gears rotate and mesh together, there is a trapping of the specific volume of hydraulic fluid between the gear teeth and the housing chamber.
  • Fourth, this trapped fluid volume pushes through the outlet port in a consistent flow rate.
  • Eventually, this cycle repeats back and forth, as first the gears create pressure, and then, the isolated fluid volume pushes out of the outlet according to the designated requirements.

It is important to note that proper sealing is necessary to prevent the hydraulic gear pump from leaking fluid between the gears! Some models have an integrated lubrication system to reduce the wear and friction of these gears.


Applications of Hydraulic Gear Pump

The hydraulic gear pump is a versatile tool for the innovative industry. It is applicable to a host of sectors, such as:

Industrial Machinery: Injection molding machines, metalworking equipment, hydraulic presses, and industrial lift make efficient use of this product.

Agriculture Equipment: The agricultural industry needs this equipment to power implements, steering systems in tractors, and other hydraulic operations.

Construction Equipment: Our very own construction industry depends on the hydraulic gear pump to make excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and concrete pumps more reliable!

Material Handling Machines: Heavy lifters like forklifts, cranes, and conveyor systems rely on this pump to operate lifting and transporting equipment.

Automobile Equipment: Mini variations of these pumps exist in hydraulic power systems for cars, trucks, and buses.

Mining Accessories: The pump also complements in improve mining machinery for earth moving, drilling, and conveying materials.

If we were to delve even further into the hydraulic gear pump’s applicable scenarios, it can assist in winches and anchor systems for the marine industry, create hydraulic gear pumps for aircraft and spacecraft, enhance drilling equipment, hydraulic power units, and control systems, etc. for the oil industry.

Advantages of Hydraulic Gear Pump

A hydraulic gear pump brings several advantages or benefits both for discussion and practical usage. While different models adhere to different project requirements, the universal features underlying this machine are the:

Bi-Directional Operation: Most of the hydraulic gear pump’s affordable models have the ability to operate in both directions, so they can also serve as hydraulic motors when needed.

High reliability: The machine is consistent and can operate under various conditions due to its simplicity in design choice.

High viscosity tolerance: The machine can also handle several fluids, making it a common choice across many projects.

Before buying a hydraulic gear pump, it is first necessary to understand the project’s exact requirements before making the final choice. The flow rate matters, and so does other factor like pressure, efficiency, etc. When the pump’s features align with the system’s needs, we can consider this a match made in heaven!

Why Choose Lotus Traders

Lotus Traders has embraced the challenge of delivering the best construction equipment all over North East India over the past fourteen years. If the audience demands the perfect hydraulic gear pump for his or her ideal project, our company will leave no stone upturned to provide you with one!

According to the current market statistics, an industrial hydraulic gear pump’s price starts from Rs. 8, 000, with higher offerings reaching up to Rs. 15, 000. While there is the availability of more premium models like the aluminum gear pump that can charge you over Rs. 55, 000, it is important to consider the price range according to the project you wish to complete. Also, bargaining is necessary!

We have the current best models in our catalogue, and we assure you, all of them exist according to the highest value of industrial standards. Our products will last and they will offer great reliability, so that you do not regret your purchase later down the road. Get the hydraulic gear pump from our humble shop today at the best price, and use it to complement the quality of your grand project!

Frequently Asked Questions

A hydraulic gear pump is a hydraulic system that can generate steady liquid output flow. It depends on gears inside a housing chamber to trap the liquid and propel it through the outlet at very high force.


The ideal hydraulic gear pump price is not decisive – the value changes based on the make, model, manufacturer reputation, availability, etc. For general estimates, a proper gear pump has a starting price value of Rs. 8000. This value will climb with the higher-end offerings, reaching up to Rs. 55, 000!


Lotus Traders sells the best hydraulic gear pumps you will find in the current market. Therefore, if you wish to make a purchase, drop by our location to have a personal view of our most exclusive products!

As a prominent construction equipment supplier in Guwahati since the past fourteen years, Lotus Traders has built an unshakable market reputation with our customers. If you want a hydraulic gear pump for your project, consider us capable enough to provide you with the best one!

Most manufacturers provide the hydraulic gear pump PDF manual along with the product’s packaging. If you wish to understand the working mechanism of this product, visit our article for a more comprehensive explanation!


The usual hydraulic gear pump repair cost ranges between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 30, 000! This repair ratio is quite huge, because it depends on the parts that require repair and the maintenance fees according to different repairing units or business.

The most crucial hydraulic gear pump parts are the two spur gears, the housing chamber, and inlet and outlet ports.

While the gear pump is only one type of hydraulic pump, there are others in competition besides this one, such as rotary vane pumps, screw pumps, bent axis pumps, etc.

Lotus Traders provides a catalogue of the best hydraulic gear pump models we provide, so check with us today to get one!


Yes, we have the hydraulic gear pump. Contact us today to know more!

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