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Want a sturdy mounting to make your space more beautiful? Get one according to the best mounting price list today.


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Concrete Mixer with hopper is a high quality one bag concrete mixer machine that has the capacity of mixing one bag cement or more.

A hopper is attached with the machine which is hydraulically operated. So this Hydraulic Concrete Mixer Machine with Lift is compact in design and comes with high quality pneumatic tyres for efficient work and easy portability.

It is used mostly for small housing projects or repair works. These can be used for Design mix concrete, small concrete etc. with volumetric mix.


About the Mounting

The mounting is an integral accessory to several industries – it provides a stable base for objects to securely latch onto without falling off.

Before settling for a mounting, experts focus on its load-bearing properties, vibration damping, and corrosion resistance qualities. After all, the type of mounting required for an application depends on the object’s weight (the one it must securely hold) and the specific application.

Key Features of the Mounting

A mounting has risen to prominence in recent years because of several key features that have made it a mainstay in several industrial and personal spaces. Read on as we will continue to aptly provide a list of its most prominent characteristic that come to attention.

The Strength and Load-Bearing Capacity: The mounting’s strength can efficiently hold up the object’s weight forever. But to be able to do so, manufacturers must focus on the quality of material used and the perfect dimensions while making one.

The Super Stability and Rigidity: This attachment accessory does not shake or vibrate; it is stable and rigid enough to tolerate external factors such as vibration as well. This criterion is important to preserve the longevity of the mounted object, and ensure it does not topple over your head (no pun intended).

The Universal Compatibility: To seamlessly fit with the mounted object, the mounting is unbelievably compatible as it tries to adjust to the object’s precise measurements so as to ensure proper alignment. Did we fail to mention about its durability? Yes, it is also highly durable.

The Additional Accessibility and Serviceability: Manufacturers produce the mounting with an easy-to-maintain frame because of its detachable panels, hinged attachments, and strategically placed mounting points.

As we have rounded up the most prominent features of a mounting, it is worth a reminder that the product sticks to industrial safety standards while operating. This provides security for user and prevents any kind of unwanted accidents; expect some models to even come with fire or electrical resistance.

Also, when it comes to aesthetics, the mounting has attractive options to choose from. Choose one that will magnify the overall beauty of your targeted space.

Working Procedure of the Mounting

There are three stages involved in the working procedure of a mounting, with each stage underlying the importance of the other. Let us understand each stage in detail, but on the simplest of terms:


  • In this stage, experts check whether the mounting is clean, stable, and free from dust or debris.
  • The next step is to mark the exact location of the anchors or the mounting.
  • Third, drilling occurs, thereby creating holes where anchors or fasteners will fit according to the mounting style and substrate material.


  • In this stage, the experts install the required object carefully into the mounting.
  • They also check whether the object has aligned properly or not, with the help of leveling tools like shims and plumb bobs.
  • Third, it is time to secure the object to the mounting. Appropriate accessories for this step are fasteners, bolts, and brackets.
  • It is important to apply the specified torque to all the bolts and fasters to prevent the object from become loose as times passes on.


  • For security checks, first, it is necessary to inspect the mounted object with the naked eye.
  • If any final adjustments such as fixing the position or alignment come to the surface, experts immediately get to work.
  • It is also crucial to clean the mounting from time to time, and use coating or finishes on it for aesthetic appearance.
  • Finally, it is time to tick off all the installation reports or inspection points from the procedural checklist.

Applications of the Mounting

The mounting acts as a dependent accessory for many sectors, about some of which we will attempt to extrapolate in a detailed list below:

HVAC Systems: These systems use the mounting to hold up air conditioners and heat pumps against walls or roofs. The mounting makes sure that the equipment does not vibrate or suffer any damage.

Electrical Systems: Electrical panels, transformers, and plenty of electrical components depend on the mounting to stay connected to walls or poles. By preventing the risk of falling or clashing with other components, it prevents fire hazards.

Plumbing Systems: Certain plumbing systems use this product to provide security to pipes and valves installed on walls or sealings. It also helps prevent any leaks.

Structural Systems: Several structural components like beams and columns depend on the mounting to secure the foundation of a building. It is necessary to determine whether the entire building can keep the rooves and floors intact.

Fixtures and Furnishings: In simpler applicable scenarios, the mounting is appropriate for securing cabinets, countertops, and shelves to walls or floors.

This list will go on forever; such is the prominence of the mounting. We will round it up by adding a few more scenarios where this innovative product lends its importance to, such as providing support signage, augmenting fire protection systems like fire sprinklers and alarms, and supplementing medical equipment like MRI machines and X-Ray machines, etc.

Advantages of the Mounting

The mounting is a dependable choice, and rightly so because of the certain work ethic it brings to environments. For instance, the way it enhances stability and structural integrity is a topic that needs undue praise, as it massively prevents unnecessary movement or vibration. It also improves the safety of workers and prevents a lot of hazards that can occur from electrical components becoming loose or structural elements shifting and causing havoc in the balance.

The mounting is additionally easy to install and maintain, which can efficiently reduce time and labor costs by finer margins. Its goal is clear; it will always strive to provide optimized functionality and performance, which is necessary for most HVC systems. Besides, who can forget about the aesthetic appeal it provides in complementing surrounding architecture and interiors?

This product is durable and meant to last. Its materials can withstand wear and tears and ensures long-time performance without bringing up the need for frequent replacement. This mounting is the accessory to go for if you want to maintain your expense and protect the integrity of your equipment.

Why Choose Lotus Traders

According to our research team, an engine and gear mounting will offer a starting price of Rs. 1000. A double engine mount will fall low at Rs. 130, but high-quality engine mountings will range between Rs. 650 to Rs. 850. There are also Volvo spring mounts on sale for about Rs. 2400.

By choosing Lotus Traders, you get to decide the exact mounting you want, while we will provide you an exact description of its most applicable scenarios. We will also supplement you with industrial guidance of the highest caliber.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mounting is a supporting material that experts attach to a wall or surface to further hold up other kinds of objects or equipment. This product is the ultimate foundation for various elements, and makes certain there are no compromises in their stability, functionality, and proper alignment. Before using a mounting, engineers consider its load-bearing capacity, vibration damping, and corrosion resistance when selecting the ideal model.

The best mounting price reflects according to its quality and intended use; for example, a double engine mount will cost as low as Rs. 130, but top-quality engine mountings will range between Rs. 650 to Rs. 850. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate first what you will be needing a mounting for, and then, purchase the right model according to that reflective value.

The mounting bracket is a component that can hold items together at a right angle to each other. This bracket comes in two designs – threaded and non-threaded.

The mounting plate comes in handy when engineers need to load a hardware into a cabinet. It provisions as a hinge, handle, or latch effectively making a door to frame attachment process easier.

Mounting tape is superb quality tape used for offering a resilient, weather-resistant bond to a variety of surfaces. This tape is ideal for marine and automotive industries to provide resistance to acids or solvents inside engines.

A mounting in construction is something that can effectively hold up or attach other elements to walls, floors, or other types of surfaces. Before deciding on a mounting for a particular application, engineers must consider its load-bearing capacity, vibration damping, and corrosion resistance.

The primary mounting materials that define its nature are wood, steel, or iron.

There are five types – RCC roof mounts, ground mounts, solar mounts, shed mounts, and tracking structures.

India’s mounting HSN code is 8473.

Visit Lotus Traders to access our best mounting models available in the market.

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