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About Safety Hand Gloves

Safety hand gloves are a critical accessory in the construction industry, as worker wear them to protect their hands from various kinds of injuries. These gloves fall under the category of personal protective equipment (PPE), as they can provide an effective barrier against several harmful elements like sharp objects, abrasive surfaces, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

The exact type of safety hand gloves required depends on the work that goes around in a construction site. Leather gloves are great for general construction tasks, while chemical-resistant gloves are the ideal choice for working with sensitive chemicals or substances. In the same manner, heat-resistant gloves complement tasks involving hot surfaces or materials, and electrically insulated gloves provide great protection against electric shocks.

This technical marvel is vital to running machines at top efficiency across various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, automotive, and agriculture. It needs constant maintenance to keep the relevant hydraulic systems running without any hiccups.

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Key Features of Safety Hand Gloves

Several key features decide the protection and comfort for workers when it comes to choosing which glove is perfect depending on the required application. While safety hand gloves can vary by make, model, and characteristics, some of their most common features are:

The Material Composition: While leather gloves offer protection against abrasion, synthetic material like nylon or Kevlar are suitable for cut resistance, chemical resistance, or insulation.

The Cut Resistance: Most safety hand gloves protect workers from cuts and abrasions, especially the ones made from high-strength fibers.

The Chemical Resistance: Gloves that offer protection against chemicals contain materials like neoprene or nitrile.

The Heat Resistance: Gloves in this category come layered with the best heat-resistant materials like aluminized fabric, leather, or Kevlar.

The Insulation: This feature shines in cold-weather gloves to protect people from low temperature and maintain dexterity in the chilliest conditions.

The Dexterity: In the construction industry, manufacturers make safety hand gloves that provide great dexterity to accommodate easier handling of tools and materials.

There are also a host of other features tagging along; safety hand gloves provide grip enhancement, impact protection, come in ergonomic designs, has breathability materials, and has electrically insulated composition to prevent shock accidents. All these gloves comply with industry safety standards, which providing you with various sizes and designs to choose from.

Working Procedure of Safety Hand Gloves

While we cannot deliver you a technical procedure on how safety hand gloves work (because everybody knows how they work), of course, we can explain how they prevent all kinds of accidents according to their specialties. Let us understand how they maintain their efficiency in different environments:

Physical Hazards: Abrasions, cuts, and sharp objects can be dangerous. The safety hand gloves come equipped with padding or reinforcements to reduce the impact of blows by effectively absorbing them.

Chemical hazards: Chemicals can cause all sorts of harm to the human body, which is why gloves in this department contain materials like neoprene or nitrile – two elements that are heavily resistant against various chemicals.

Heat and Cold: Gloves used in heat comprise of heat-resistant materials to protect against burns and fire engines. Gloves for cold environments have insulation to protect against frostbite.

Electricity: If you are an electrical engineer or an apprentice interning at an electricity plant, you need electrically insulated safety hand gloves while handling live electrical components.

  • First, operators choose to install the required valve, which can be 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way.
  • Second, the valve body contains passages and chambers to guide the liquid flow. It is the main housing chamber.
  • Third, a moveable element exists inside the valve, i.e., the valve spool. This spool can slide or rotate within the housing chamber and has various ports to interact with the passages.
  • Fourth, operators check if the hydraulic directional control valve’s ports stay in connection to the system’s reservoirs and actuators.
  • Fifth, different actuation methods work inside the valve – such as manual, solenoid-operated, pneumatic, or hydraulic.
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  • Seventh, upon user preference, the spool moves to a specific position and connects with the required ports. The hydraulic fluid flow through those ports. It is also possible to alter the flow direction if necessary.
  • Finally, some models do the extra work of keeping a system’s hydraulic pressure under constant check. This can eliminate a lot of risk factors.

Applications of Safety Hand Gloves

While we were trying to explain how safety hand gloves provide their efficiency according to their design, we already mentioned a few sectors that depend heavily on this crucial accessory. Let us at a few more extra usage-case scenarios for this wonderful product:

Concrete and Masonry Work: In this area, gloves have reinforced palms and fingers to provide adequate protection as workers may encounter rough and coarse surfaces.

Roofing and Side Installation: Hand gloves that provide good grip for secure handling of materials during roofing and siding installation are an ideal choice.

Heavy Equipment Operation: Operators that use heavy equipment use safety hand gloves to protect themselves from impacts or vibrations.

Excavation and Diggins: In ground work, safety hand gloves must be resilient enough to protect diggers against abrasions from soil and rocks.

Carpentry and Woodworking: Carpentry often involves the presence of sharp tools. To prevent splinters from getting into the skin, high quality safety hand gloves are also necessary in this sector.

Painting and Finishing: Yes, hobbies and art require safety hand gloves, too. They protect the artist from messing up paints, solvents, and finishing materials.

A few more applicable areas to round off the importance of safety hand gloves are demolition work, high-visibility requirements in low-light conditions, and maintenance and repairs, etc.

Advantages of Safety Hand Gloves

Several advantages line up to describe the value of safety hand gloves in the modern world. First, they are the holy grail to your personal protection, and they will do their best to protect you from the harshest natural or fabricated elements. They will greatly reduce the risks of cuts and abrasions, all the while providing enhanced grip and control for most operations.


Hand gloves additionally resist chemicals and are an undisputed consumer choice for protection from both hot and cold environments. They also provide impact defense, electrical insulation, prevention of skin irritation, and versatility for different tasks.


Finally, they focus on comfort and ergonomics as manufacturers produce them according to various designs and sizes, while keeping in compliance with safety standards, and makes a safer working environment for everyone involved. The safety hand gloves are not a matter of style; they are a necessity.

The precise control mechanism: This valve is meant to provide you with accuracy. Such high level of control is necessary for applications that focus on accurate positioning, speed control, and force regulation.

The high versatility: Because of its many variations, it can fit across a wide range of hydraulic systems and maintain peak efficiency.

The high-power density: It can pack a punch! The valve is an essential component of hydraulic systems that prioritize a significant amount of force in a compact space.

The ruthless efficiency: The hydraulic directional control valve does not miscalculate; it will provide rapid response and give high forces immediately in applications that require so.

A high-temperature tolerance, the bi-directional feature, minimal energy loss, and simplicity in control round up the most important advantages surrounding the solenoid valve. A few minor inconveniences exist, such as fluid leakage and periodic maintenance. But the positives to using the valve far outweigh its negatives.

Why Choose Lotus Traders

Lotus Traders has maintained a positive public reception in North East India by delivering high-quality products over the farthest districts of the region for over fourteen years. We have strived to maintained the efficiency of our supply chain 24/7, so that we can satisfy your needs at the minimum acceptable time.

Our research team has derived some statistics reflecting current market prices for safety hand gloves. Winter gloves come for about Rs. 200 per pair, PVC gloves at Rs. 100, insulating gloves at Rs. 250, and heat-resistant gloves at Rs. 550. Different models come tagged with different price labels, as they aptly provide varying levels of protection against diverse components. It may feel confusing at first, but it pays dividends to be smart about bargaining for prices while you are in the physical market.

If you require gloves related to construction and similar forms of work, Lotus Traders is here to relieve you of all your worries. We have the best models available, and will gladly provide you with a catalog of our best safety hand gloves to choose from. What are you waiting for? Drop a call on our number today.


Frequently Asked Questions

The hydraulic directional control valve also identifies as a hydraulic solenoid valve. It is an essential component that controls the direction of a hydraulic fluid within a system. This valve plays the leading role or guiding the fluid towards the required actuators to control the machine’s movement.

Several models exist for the hydraulic solenoid valve, such as 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way pieces. The number in these models indicate the number of flow paths available from the valve. For example, one flow direction is for the 2-way valve, while two flow directions depend on the 4-way valve.

It is wise to take expert guidance or contact industrial professionals before attempting to troubleshoot a hydraulic directional control valve. And discrepancies and the product may stop working!

The hydraulic directional control valve’s topmost purpose is to navigate the hydraulic fluid through the entire system. The valve decides in which direction the fluid flows, and whether it moves to or from an actuator.

The hydraulic directional control valve’s prime operation is to guide the passages for the hydraulic fluid through the entire system. The valve has the final say in which direction the fluid flows, and whether it moves to or from an actuator.

To have a clearer understanding of how the hydraulic directional control valve works, you can refer to our article – it simplifies the valve’s key features, applications, usage-case scenarios, and advantages.

The best hydraulic directional control valve price is hard to determine considering factors like availability and demand keep the market prices at a fluctuating rate. However, for approximate value, consider a hydraulic directional control valve to cost between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000.

Lotus Traders will offer you a quote on each model and will provide you with detailed arguments on why one model is better than the other, and how one brand is overshining the other in competition. Contact us today for more details!

Yes, Lotus Traders has been the go-to hydraulic directional control valve supplier in Guwahati since the past fourteen years! If you want to own a hydraulic directional control valve that is supreme in quality and does not burn a hole in your pocket, you can contact us today!

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