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Hydraulic Breather Filler

If you are looking to get the hydraulic breather filler at an attractive price to maintain your system’s air flow, you can visit our shop today!

Hydraulic Breather Filler

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About Hydraulic Breather Filler

The hydraulic breather filler has become a widely adopted industrial integration in hydraulic systems. It regulates the exchange of air and fluid within a system, maintains a proper fluid level for optimal system performance. It carries out many tasks such as breathing, filtration, and filling.

The multi functional component keeps the hydraulic fluid clean, prevent any disruption of the system’s breathing levels, and keeps components working at efficient level without any long-term damage. Sit tight as this article will explore through its aspects, applications, and advantages!

Key Features of Hydraulic Breather Filler

The hydraulic breather filter is a multitasker. To maintain this one-size-fits-all applicability, manufacturers have produced it with the intention of providing a one-stop solution for most hydraulic systems. Some of the most important features that define the hydraulic breather filter’s greatness have found emphasis down below:

The dedicated breathing functionality: The feature allows the hydraulic system to breathe. Exchange of air happens easily to accommodate any fluid level changes.

The filtration element: There is also a filter that prevents dust, dirt, or most other contaminants from entering the hydraulic system. This maintains cleanliness and integrity!

The filling port: A filling port is the station or the hub where the hydraulic fluid enters. It is a crucial component when changing the fluid level.

The pressure relief valve: More sophisticated models of the hydraulic breather filler come with a pressure relief valve. This valve acts as a check post to prevent the system from suffering over-pressure.

The desiccant breather: The breather prevents moisture from entering the hydraulic system. It helps prevent unwanted corrosion!

The visual indicator: Additionally, a visual indicator exists in some variants, which explains if the filter element is suffering from clogging, or needs immediate attention. It is a good feature to have when it comes to proactive maintenance.

Besides these primary aspects, the hydraulic breather filter is durable by nature, because of its composition. It is the compatible choice for various hydraulic systems and fluid types, but it is also important to note that the features can vary according to system specifications and environmental conditions.

Working Procedure of Hydraulic Breather Filler

A hydraulic breather filter follows hydraulic science while operating at optimum level, but the process is easy to understand for anyone. We have simplified this process via our following list!

  • First, let us acknowledge its breathing functionality. The breather component of the product allows the system to exchange air in a convenient way. Why is this necessary? It prevents excess pressure from congesting inside the system, which could affect the performance of its parts!
  • Second, the filter element also plays a beneficial role by trapping unwanted contaminants from entering the system. This filter is replaceable.
  • Third, the filling port acts as the inlet station for the hydraulic fluid.
  • Fourth, when the hydraulic fluid’s pressure level is too high or above the preset limit, the filter uses its pressure relief valve to release some of the hydraulic fluid, and bring the system back to its normal pressure level.
  • Optional elements like the desiccant breather can maintain the system’s moisture level and prevent corrosion, which will lead to reduced downtime and lower maintenance checks.

In summary, it is a great product to have if you are lazy enough to clean your hydraulic system, or you are budget conscious enough to limit spending on its parts after moderate usage! Seriously though, periodic maintenance is still necessary to ensure the continued effectiveness of the hydraulic breather filter.

Applications of Hydraulic Breather Filler

Various industries and systems depend on the hydraulic breather filler, if their primary work is achievable through hydraulic systems. Some of the most common usage-case scenarios are in:

Industrial Machinery: Presses, injection molding machines, and metal forming equipment have efficient hydraulic systems that depend on the filter to facilitate proper breathing.

Construction Equipment: In construction equipment, the filter exists in machines such as excavators and bulldozer to maintain fluid level and prevent contamination.

Agricultural Machinery: In this sector, the hydraulic breather filler helps hydraulic systems in tractors and harvesters to carry out agricultural activities without any disruptions.

Aviation Industry: In the aviation industry, critical equipment like landing gear deployment and landing gear systems have the filter fitted into them.

Power Generation: Additionally, hydropower plants depend a lot on the filter, as it can regulate pressure and prevent dust from building up against the sensitive components.

Mobile Equipment: Mobile cranes and utility vehicles regularly depend on hydraulic systems. The hydraulic breather filler is a mainstay in these systems to support diverse and dynamic working conditions.

If we were to discuss some more applicable areas for the filter, it has found common ground in hydraulic brake systems for the automotive industry, has cooperated with ship steering systems in the marine sector, and supplemented drilling equipment for oil and gas extracting operations.


Advantages of Hydraulic Breather Filler

The advantages to use a hydraulic breather filter often escapes public notice. Most people focus on a hydraulic system’s productivity, but fail to give credit to that system’s primary components. The filter rightly carries the title of one primary component, because of the rewards it brings to the table for its users.

Besides its highly efficient air filtration mechanics, it is a good product to have if you want your system to keep breathing without any compromise to its operations. Along with the efficiency, the filter is also a mediator in keeping dust and unwanted particles from entering the hydraulic system.

For the multitude of benefits the filter provides, operators or owners must make sure it enjoys constant maintenance. You do not want clogging to happen, which will create a vacuum within the reservoir. This will further lead to premature pump failure!

Why Choose Lotus Traders

Is there a potential plan lining up in your endeavors? Are you looking to get a hydraulic breather at the most attractive price? Before you delve deep into the market, you can look at the best models Lotus Traders has to offer.

Our research team determines that the current price for a hydraulic breather filler will revolve around the Rs. 100 value mark. There are more expensive offerings such as the mild steel breather that will demand over Rs. 250, and the best breather filters in the industry will charge above Rs. 300 per piece. However, all the prices reflect the brand’s reputation, the durability of their products, and their networking supply chain.

While it seems silly to tag ourselves as the best constructed-related supplier in the country, we do have some credibility to show for it, as our enterprise has completed over fourteen years! Our supply chain extends all-over North-East India and we are planning to go nationwide accessibility in the upcoming years. Get your ideal hydraulic breather filler from our aggressive price list today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The hydraulic breather filter regulates the exchange of air and fluid within a system and maintains a proper fluid level for optimal system performance. It carries out many tasks such as breathing, filtration, and filling. The multi functional component keeps the hydraulic fluid clean, prevent any disruption of the system’s breathing levels, and keeps components working at efficient level without any long-term damage.


The best hydraulic breather filler price is hard to determine, but across most regions, the starting value will range around Rs. 100, with higher models going up to Rs. 500.

Lotus Traders is your go-to place if you are looking for any hydraulic systems to purchase. Therefore, visit our site today to get an immediate price quote!

The most common materials that exist in hydraulic filters are polyester, phenolic-impregnated cellulose, and micro-fiberglass.


The breather filter’s purpose is to filter the exhaust that comes out of industrial applications. It prevents damage to the hydraulic system’s components by doing this.


The air breather in hydraulic systems regulates the exchange of air and fluid within a system and maintains a proper fluid level for optimal system performance. It carries out many tasks such as breathing, filtration, and filling.

Yes, there are hydraulic breather filter element replacement parts available, and Lotus Traders will provide you the best quality elements your money can buy.

The traditional price of a hydraulic breather filter will revolve between Rs. 100 to Rs. 500.

Yes, there is a hydraulic oil breather filter variant available in the market. It is a one-way passage to escape gases, and is a popular product among industrial experts and clients!

Based in Zoo Road, Lotus Trader is the one-stop shop for hydraulic systems and their components!

There are three primary hydraulic drive coupling types – fluid couplings, flexible couplings, and hydraulic drive converters. All three variants provide different features to complement different hydraulic systems.

While it is foolish to term as one party better than the other, Lotus Traders has supplied top-quality hydraulic drive couplings all-over North-East India for over fourteen years. If you need one, you can get one today itself by scheduling an order on our website!



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