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Hydraulic Hose Pipe

The hydraulic hose pipe transports fluid oil from one part of a machine to another. Get the best models from the updated hydraulic hose pipe price list today!

Hydraulic Hose Pipe

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About the Hydraulic Hose Pipe

As veins carry blood to and from the heart in the human body, so is the hydraulic hose pipe’s contribution in a hydraulic system – it is the primary bloodstream of the machine! This pipe acts as the transport tunnel between valves, actuators, and hydraulic machinery.

To withstand high-pressure flow conditions, the hydraulic hose-pipe is a durable component in most hydraulic systems. They must be strong enough to transmit power and ensure the system keeps running in a smooth manner!

Key Features of the Hydraulic Hose Pipe

A hydraulic hose pipe offers many unique characteristics that propel it to important status in the efficiency of a hydraulic system. A few features we have come across while working with this product have surfaced below.

It promises durability and resistance: Since the pipe exists from synthetic rubber, thermoplastics, or Teflon, it offers high durability and resistance to carry the fluid for transporting it around the system.

It has high reinforcement: It can handle extreme temperatures without blasting, because of its coatings or layers of high-tensile steel wire prioritizing reinforcement. Strength in the pipe remains without sacrificing the cost of flexibility!

It comes in varying sizes: The hydraulic hose-pipe offer various configurations – these variants are necessary for different flow rates and flexibility, and to withstand temperature extremes.

It comes under a pressure rating: Most variants exist by providing specific pressure level tolerance. Therefore, it is important to use the appropriate hose for the hydraulic system.

Superb compatibility: The hose pipe must also keep in mind that it can offer compatibility for different fluids offering different properties!

Abrasion resistance: Additionally, the hose has the tendency to operate in the harshest of environments, as changing it often after some time of use is not a practical solution!

End fittings: Finally, it comes equipped with fitting over both ends to facilitate proper connection with the hydraulic system’s other parts. These fittings must display unparalleled build quality to ensure a leak-free connection.

Working Procedure of the Hydraulic Hose Pipe

The working procedure of a hydraulic hose pipe is minimal, considering it is only part of a hydraulic system. Still, like hydraulic valves and actuators, it plays its role equally well and does not complicate the operation. Our team has provided a simple breakdown for you to understand how this technical marvel works!

  • First, the hydraulic system starts with its hydraulic fluid stored in a reservoir.
  • Second, when the hydraulic pump pressurizes the fluid, it generates the power in the system.
  • Third, here is where the hydraulic hose-pipes provide efficiency! They direct the fluid’s transportation through their bodies to various components like cylinders or motors.
  • Fourth, once the fluid reaches its destination, its pressure generates mechanical force. This force contributes to the lifting or pushing done via the system.
  • Fifth, when the fluid completes its job, its returns to the reservoir through the hose pipes again!

The role of the hydraulic hose pipe is to provide a flexible and sealed conduit for the fluid to travel from one part of the system to another. The hose’s reinforced properties prevent this process from getting messy as it can withstand high pressure without bursting!

Applications of the Hydraulic Hose Pipe

If hydraulic systems are contributing across various industries, expect the hydraulic hose pipe to play an equal role too. Because of the closed-loop system it provides to facilitate easy transmission of power, you will find this hose pipe complementing systems in the:

Construction industry: In our industry, it exists in excavators, loaders, cranes, and bulldozers.

Agriculture industry: In this industry, it makes tractors and combine harvesters better for depending on their hydraulic systems.

Manufacturing industry: Here, the hydraulic hose pipe has found common ground in forklifts and conveyor systems to carry heavy loads and lift components around the working site.

Automobile industry: Cars and two wheelers depends on the hose for making brake systems, power steering systems, and hydraulic clutches more responsive to user control.

Aerospace industry: The hose pipe has found home in aerospace applications such as landing gear, wing flap movement, and brake systems.

Mining industry: In this industry, the hose exists in machinery that excels in tasks like drilling, excavating, and material transportation.

These are only six applicable areas of the hydraulic hose-pipe; if we were to explore its applications further, you will find its use in marine applications for steering, mobile hydraulic for making cherry pickers and scissors lifts better, and drilling rigs for the oil sector, etc. Its usage-case scenarios are many, and its versatility is paramount!

Advantages of the Hydraulic Hose Pipe

Several advantages come into discussion when we consider the value of a hydraulic hose pipe. Not only is it highly flexible and can bend without losing its structural integrity, it can also stay durable because of its high-tensile steel. It can handle extreme pressure highs and lows without any complaints, all the while offering you versatility across different hydraulic systems.

Most models additionally focus on preventing fluid leakage, and attempt to stay as an easy-to-install accessory, thereby reducing the downtime for maintenance or repair. It is also a cost-effective solution compared to other power transmissional methods, which strikes a perfect balance between performance and affordability.

A final benefit supplementing the hydraulic hose-pipe is long service life, meaning it can contribute to the longevity and efficiency of all hydraulic systems!

Why Choose Lotus Traders ?

Are you having thoughts about buying a hydraulic hose pipe, or you are seeking to replace a previous variant from your hydraulic system? Before you end up making the final purchase, it is important to understand the current price listing floating around the market!

The pipe’s price listings depend on the meters you want. For example, a Parker synthetic rubber hydraulic hose pipe costs around Rs. 2000 per meter, while a simple black and transparent hydraulic hose pipe will fall under Rs. 100 per piece. Meanwhile, a 4sp hose will charge around Rs. 750 per meter, and a 6000-1000 Psi will have a price tag of Rs. 560 per meter. These price reflect the quality of the hose you want to buy, and can only be given a fixed value once you engage with a supplier.

Therefore, once you evaluate the perfect price you are willing to buy the hydraulic hose pipe for, you can get a quote from Lotus Traders by visiting our site today. Better still, call us on our number, and if you want shipping for your convenience, we will be more than happy to supply you via our extensive transportation chain!

Frequently Asked Questions

The hydraulic hose pipe acts as the transport tunnel between valves, actuators, and hydraulic machinery. It carries the hydraulic fluid from one part of the system to another, and must withstand high-pressure flow conditions. The hydraulic hose pipe is a durable component in most hydraulic systems.

The hydraulic hose crimping machine is useful for applying 360-degree force to a hose pipe’s fitting, so that can form a tight grip with the other components of the hydraulic system.

The standard hydraulic hose pipe HSN code is 11082000.

Yes, Lotus Traders has been supplying the best hydraulic hose pipe models across North East India for a long time now. If you are looking to buy one for your hydraulic system, you can contact us today to learn more about our exclusive offerings!

The ideal hydraulic hose pipe specifications depends on the models they provide, which fall under braided, multi-spiral, low-pressure, thermoplastic, etc.

If you want a hydraulic hose pipe 3/8 model, you can contact Lotus Traders for a firsthand quote.

With over fourteen years of experience in the construction industry, Lotus Traders has supplied top quality products to our customers, and have always strived to maintain a reputable presence in the market. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a hydraulic hose pipe, contact us today for more details!

The ¾ model for the hydraulic hose pipe is available at Lotus Traders, a premium construction supplier located in the heart of Guwahati.


Lotus Traders has been dealing in hydraulic systems for a long time now. While we are not tool bold in declaring ourselves as the best hydraulic hose pipe manufacturers in Guwahati, we always strive to keep top-quality products in our catalogue!

Yes, if you are planning to visit a hydraulic hose pipe supplier in Guwahati, you can contact Lotus Traders, whose hub exists in Zoo Road, Assam.

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