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Hydraulic Manifold

If you are having problems in regulating the universal hydraulic flow in your hydraulic system, maybe it is time to get a hydraulic manifold!

Hydraulic Manifold

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About Hydraulic Filter

The hydraulic manifold is a major component of modern hydraulic systems – it regulates a stable hydraulic fluid flow between the pumps, actuators, and other key parts. In simple terms, we identify this product as a control centre where the fluid comes and goes from one part of the hydraulic system to another.

The composition of a hydraulic manifold typically exists of metal blocks with drilled passages. These passages contain ports that provide connection points for pipes or hoses to transport the fluid from one area to another. Imagine this innovation as the switchboard of an electrical circuit!

Key Features of Hydraulic Manifold

As the central hub for maintaining fluid flow, the hydraulic manifold focuses on delivering optimal system performance while reducing any kind of complexity. The reliability emanating from this product is clearly visible because of its distinct features, such as:

The modular design: The modular design accommodates flexibility in customization and adaptations across different hydraulic systems. Therefore, add or remove valves according to your convenience!

The integrated valves and control mechanisms: The hydraulic manifold can also collaborate with different options such as directional control valves, pressure control valves, and flow control valves.

The compactness: Since the manifold can consolidate multiple functions all together at once, removes the need for too many individual components. Thus, it saves space and simplifies installation.

The customized passage design: A hydraulic manifold’s internal passage has undergone constant innovation to the point that it can now minimize pressure drops and guarantee proper power transmission throughout the entire hydraulic system.

The port and connection options: So many choices! There are various ports and connections complementing a manifold’s design, making it compatible with many components.

The durable nature: Since the manifold also must withstand unstable working conditions, manufacturers build it from aluminum or stainless steel to resist corrosion, vibration, and high pressures.

Some more features underlining the hydraulic manifold’s 24/7 importance are its commitment to environmental protection, and its enhanced system reliability, which means major reductions in occasional malfunctions or downtime repairs.

Working Procedure of Hydraulic Manifold

The central hub of the hydraulic system plays a big role in keeping it running without any hiccups. Its working procedure is quite straightforward, which we have sought to explain via our well curated list:

  • First, let us acknowledge the inlet and outlet ports in the manifold which receive and direct the hydraulic fluid to components all over the system.
  • A series of interconnected passages exist inside the manifold, which carry out the primary task of channeling the fluid from the inlet to the outlet ports.
  • There are strategically positive valves that regulate the fluid’s flow, pressure, and direction from time to time.
  • Solenoids, pilot valves, or manual levers receive signals from the system’s controls and allow for precise actuation.
  • Directional valves also play an interesting role by controlling the movement of hydraulic cylinders or motors in the hydraulic system.
  • There are additional pressure control valves that focus on maintaining the desired pressure level and prevent any inconsistencies.
  • Finally, flow control valves assist in determining the amount of fluid required in operating specific components.

All these consequential processes contribute together to maintain the working procedure of the hydraulic manifold, thereby delivering efficient power transmission and reliable system performance!

Applications of Hydraulic Manifold

Since the hydraulic manifold is a highly versatile component in nature, it has found common uses across a wide range of machinery in various industries. Let us go through each industry a bit more closely:

Construction Equipment: In this industry, the manifold is a key fit for smooth operation of excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, and cranes.

Agricultural Machinery: The manifold has become a mainstay in this industry across several tractors, combine harvesters, and other irrigation systems.

Industrial Machinery: In the field of manufacturing, the hydraulic manifold makes presses, lifts, and conveyors much better.

Material Handling Equipment: In this industry, it plays a vital role in enhancing forklifts, pallet jacks, and cranes.

Automobile Industry: The automobile industry is a highly innovative sector, where the hydraulic manifold has found importance by complementing power steering, brake mechanics, and suspension systems.

Renewable Energy Sector: In this sector, some renewable energy systems like wind turbines, solar tracking systems, and geothermal power plants depend on the manifold a lot.

This list of applicable scenarios does not end here; other important areas that milk the hydraulic manifold’s capabilities are the aerospace industry, fluid power systems, marine and offshore applications, etc.

Advantages of Hydraulic Manifold

Few products exist with too many benefits, but the hydraulic manifold is revolutionary when it comes to that discussion! Its compact design and it adherence to space efficiency makes it a boon for most hydraulic systems.

Beside the conventional qualities, it additionally offers precise pressure control and will systematically offer periodic pressure drops. The product eliminates the risk potential of the hydraulic fluid leaking from the system, all the while providing its easy-to-maintain status as well as reducing troubleshooting sessions.

The hydraulic manifold’s greatest asset is its versatility! While staying under the cost-effective radar, it seamlessly fits into various configurations or control requirements. Therefore, get adaptability and a longer lifespan without paying extra!

Why Choose Lotus Traders

According to current market prices, there are varying models for the hydraulic manifold. For instance, a polished hydraulic manifold’s price range starts from Rs. 3000. A simple industrial manifold block’s price is cheaper – around Rs. 400. The mild steel hydraulic manifold block charges much more – it can go up to Rs. 7000. These numbers have a wide price ratio because they are meant for different hydraulic systems. The system you use, the specific hydraulic manifold it will depend on!

Do not fret; at Lotus traders, we have a dedicated research team to guide you on the exact model you need. Our products are mean to last for a long time and stay consistent even when subjected to constant harsh conditions. Not only do you buy quality from us, but you also gain wisdom from investing your hard-earned money into our offerings.

Therefore, take the first step in reaching out to us today by contacting our number. But if you wish to take a sneak peek first, you can head to our website to know more about all the products we have in our catalog. Happy browsing!

Frequently Asked Questions

The hydraulic pressure gauge accurately measures and displays the fluid pressure of a hydraulic system to ensure that it is running within safe parameters. Its composition is typically of stainless steel or brass. There are two major types of hydraulic pressure gauges available in the market – dry or pneumatic pressure gauges and glycerin filled pressure gauges.

Most manufacturers provide their products with a PDF or a physical manual to describe how the products works, what its specifications are, etc. If you wish to know more about the hydraulic manifold block, you can contact us today for the finer details!


The best hydraulic manifold block price is reflective of the regional market values, but most models will typically range between Rs. 400 to Rs. 7000. Contact us if you want an exact price quote!

The standard hydraulic manifold HSN code is 8481.

Lotus Traders has often relied on the loyalty of its customers, so when we make our products, we keep quality and supremacy in mind before making them available to the market.

Therefore, if you need a top-quality hydraulic manifold block, stay assured when you make your first purchase from us!

The primary hydraulic manifold block materials that makes it resistant to harsh working conditions are aluminum and stainless steel.

The hydraulic manifold block design typically contains metal blocks with drilled passages. These passages contain ports that provide connection points for pipes or hoses to transport the fluid from one area to another.

Lotus Traders has an extensive aftersales policy that will look for your products should they suffer from any inconvenience. Therefore, buying from us not only gets you the best quality, also extends the product’s lifespan.


Yes, Lotus Traders is your go-to option for the best hydraulic manifold block supplier in Guwahati. As a construction equipment dealer, we keep stock of most hydraulic components and hydraulic systems because of the role they play in our construction industry. Therefore, if you are in the market looking to buy a proper hydraulic manifold block, you can visit our website and immediately ask for a price quote!


The hydraulic manifold acts as an intermediator or a control hub that ensures a stable and systematic hydraulic fluid flow between the pumps, the actuators, and other key parts of a functional hydraulic system.



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