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Hydraulic Pressure Switch

Get the best hydraulic pressure switch from Lotus Traders, a key component that regularly checks the pressure in your hydraulic system!

Hydraulic Pressure Switch

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About the Hydraulic Adapter

The hydraulic pressure switch is the go-to option for monitoring and controlling the hydraulic fluid’s pressure in a hydraulic system. It has become an important player in the field of hydraulics across various applications from heavy manufacturing to industrial equipment and hydraulic presses.

The pressure switch has the task to maintain the safe and efficient operating state of many systems. Sometimes, they also contribute to automating processes while maintaining constant pressure level, thereby making them an attractive purchase!


Key Features of Hydraulic Pressure Switch

design. Within this range, they can detect pressure changes and make any required immediate changes.

The Set point Adjustment: This feature focuses on allowing operators to adjust the setpoint – the predetermined pressure level for the switch to activate. It provides a lot of flexibility.

The Switching Action: Different switching options exist in the hydraulic pressure switch, such as normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC.) These options depend on the application and where the process requires activating or deactivating the electrical circuit once the system reaches the set point value.

The Contact Rating: There is also a dedicated contact rating in the switch that describes its ability to handle a specific electric load. Always make sure to check the contact rating before deciding if the switch is a good fit for your hydraulic system!

The Durability: Since the pressure switch must work in harsh operating conditions such as high pressures and temperature variations, manufacturers build them from the toughest of materials, like stainless steel.

The Enclosure Protection: As different switch models need to adapt to different environments and protect itself from dust, moisture, and other contaminants, they come with integrated enclosure types and IP ratings to label their resistance levels.

The Indicator Lights: Some fancy switches provide indicator lights to give visual feedback on the switch’s status.

Along with the described features, some extras that complement the hydraulic pressure switch are different types of electrical connections (screw terminals or quick-connect terminals), its compatibility to different applications, and its reliability in the field of hydraulics.


Working Procedure of Hydraulic Pressure Switch

The basic principle of getting a hydraulic pressure switch to work is simple; it uses a diaphragm or piston to respond to pressure changes, which further actuates an electrical switch. We have made a simple step-by-step explanation that makes this process easy to understand:

  • First, manufactures install the pressure switch in the hydraulic system at that exact area where it will sense the first wave of pressure changes.
  • The switch has an integrated pressure-sensing feature that maintains all-time contact with the hydraulic fluid.
  • There is a set point, a specific pressure level that makes the pressure switch activate.
  • When there is a sudden pressure change and the hydraulic pressure goes over the set point, a mechanical displacement in the sensing mechanism occurs.
  • The mechanical displacement triggers a switch, thereby completing or interrupting an electrical circuit. If the switch stays normally open, it completes the circuit, and if it stays normally closed, it interrupts the circuit.
  • The change in this circuit generates an electric signal; this signal activates the hydraulic system’s many components, such as alarms, solenoid valves, indicators, etc.
  • There are also other applications like controlling the hydraulic pressure switch, to facilitated streamline operation of the hydraulic system.

Once the first pressure surge completes its round, and the pressure backtracks to a safe level, the switch smoothly returns to its original state. It stays ready for the next pressure change!

Applications of Hydraulic Pressure Switch

There are many applicable scenarios for the hydraulic pressure switch, considering it is a major component of most hydraulic systems that prioritize safety. We have compiled some of the industries for reference, where the switch is a dependable asset:

Industrial Machinery: Construction machinery such as hydraulic presses, injection molding machines, and metal forming equipment find the switch fitted into their systems.

Mobile Equipment: Machines in the mobile equipment sector like agricultural equipment and material handling vehicles need the pressure switch to monitor hydraulic pressure.

Automotive Industry: In this industry, the switch is a mainstay in automotive applications like power steering systems, hydraulic braking systems, and suspension systems.

Process Control: Systems that depend on specific pressure levels for manufacturing also depend on the hydraulic pressure switch to maintain those pressure limits.

Aerospace Industry: In this industry, the switch complements landing gear operations, wing flap movement, and hydraulic actuators.

Oil and Gas Sector: There are hydraulic systems that has the switch to regulate pressure for drilling, well control, etc. in this sector.

This usage-case scenario list is not short; in fact, the hydraulic pressure switch finds importance in many more areas, such as monitoring hydraulic systems that focus on power generation, assist steering systems and winches in the marine industry, enhance hydropower plants to generate efficient energy, etc.

Advantages of Hydraulic Pressure Switch

The hydraulic pressure switch is a useful component for most hydraulic systems because of its supreme list of advantages. There is barely any negative to using this product because of its adherence to stick with all safety standards, and a commitment to protect the other components of a system.

It offers precise control over the hydraulic pressure and is a versatile solution for various machines. Its different pressure ranges and configurations make it a flexible choice, while its seamless integration into automated systems enhance its capabilities.

The hydraulic pressure switch is also reliable by design, meaning you can milk years and years of service from this technical marvel! Finally, we should not forget to mention its cost-effectiveness, and its major reduction in downtime repair or maintenance.


Why Choose Lotus Traders

Have you decided to get the hydraulic pressure switch? Before purchasing one, it is important to scan through the current market prices to get an approximate idea of the best value.

For instance, our researchers say that an ORION hydraulic pressure switch has a price tag of Rs. 2500. This is the normal price range for most models, as the number can fluctuate between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 3000. But there are more expensive variants too, as the hydraulic range MZ pressure switch will demand around Rs. 6000. The most expensive model in this category relate to the HYDAC hydraulic pressure switch, a top-of-the-line product going for about Rs. 85, 000!

It is easy to get confused between so many offerings, which is why you need industrial guidance to smoothen your buying journey! Lotus Traders has dominated the construction landscape for over a decade now, and has constantly delivered pressure switches that focus on reliability, affordable prices, and availability? Well, what are you waiting for then? Get a price quote from us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The hydraulic pressure switch plays the intermediatory role of monitoring and controlling the hydraulic fluid’s pressure in a compound hydraulic system. It has become an important player in the field of hydraulics across various applications, ranging from heavy manufacturing to industrial equipment and hydraulic presses.

The hydraulic pressure switch follows a straightforward working principle – it actively monitors a hydraulic system’s pressure levels, and accordingly activates or deactivates the hydraulic pump when the fluid reaches or surpasses the pressure threshold.

The best hydraulic pressure switch price depends on factors like market availability, brand reputation, supply processes, etc. For general estimates, expect the switch to cost between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 4000.

To get the correct hydraulic pressure switch setting, operators can turn the adjusting screw clockwise to increase the pressure threshold value. If the project demands a lower value, you can turn the screw counterclockwise.

Yes, there are digital models for hydraulic pressure switches in the market. One advantage of digital switches over analog ones is the simplification of data reading and monitoring pressure estimates.

There are two major types of hydraulic switches – they are either differential pressure switches or vacuum pressure switches.

To achieve an optimal hydraulic pressure switch adjustment, the switch offers options to turn a screw clockwise to amplify the pressure threshold value. If the project has need for a lower value, simply turn it counterclockwise!

The primary purpose of the hydraulic pressure switch in a landing gear system is to turn off the electric pump once the landing gear reaches the full position.

If you want to buy from the best hydraulic pressure switch supplier in Guwahati, you can contact Lotus Traders for more details.

Yes, we have the hydraulic pressure switch. You can visit our site to investigate all our products!



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