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LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine​

Losangles Abrasion testing machine
ensure construction safety and strength

LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine

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Power consumption

750 W


31 – 33 r.p.m

Inside diameter

711 mm

Internal length

508 mm


What is LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine?

The LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine also identifies as simply a LosAngles Machine or a LA Abrasion Machine. Its primary purpose is to determine aggregate resistance to abrasion and wear. This is important because the construction industry has to constantly supervise the quality of aggregates used in road construction and concrete production.

The general procedure for the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine falls under international compliant standards like ASTM C131/C131M or AASHTO T 96. It is a worldwide accepted method of aggregate testing.

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What Are the Key Features of the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine?

The LA Abrasion Machine has many unique features that make it a crucial tool for the construction industry. The most atypical features one can expect from this machine across all its models are:

  • A dedicated cylindrical drum: This drum is hollow and cylindrical, with its ideal internal diameter around 20 inches. It accommodates the aggregate sample and the steel spheres for the test.
  • A rotating mechanism: The rotating mechanism allows the drum to rotate consistently at the standard speed.
  • A counter: The counter keeps tracks of the number of drum revolutions completed during the test to maintain the consistency.
  • Steel spheres: These spheres clash with the aggregate and challenge its abrasive and impact resistance level.
  • A loading hopper: The hopper is necessary for loading the aggregate and the spheres into the mixing drum.
  • A drive motor: The drive motor is the heart of the machine; it keeps the test going!
  • A control panel: The control panel is an easier hub for stopping and starting the machine, setting its rotation speed, monitoring the test results, etc.
  • Safety features: Modern models come with high safety features like guards or enclosures to prevent mishaps.

Additional sieves: While not a basic component of the machine, the sieves are necessary to separate and collect the material after the test.

How Does the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine Work?

There are several steps to carry out the LosAngles Abrasion Test to determine accurate resistance to wear and abrasion. The ingredients to pull off a successful test are the testing machine, 12 steel balls approximately weighing around 2.5 kg, standard sieves with openings of 1.70 mm and 4.75 mm, and a balance to accurately weigh the test sample.

Here is a thorough step-by-step walkthrough explaining the machine’s operation method:

  • First, obtain a clean and dry sample of the aggregate material. It has to stay completely free of any contaminants.
  • Second, it is crucial to determine the appropriate sample size based on the aggregate’s quantity and the required testing standards.
  • Third, carefully place the aggregate sample and the steel spheres inside the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine’s drum.
  • Fourth, once you start operating the machine, remember to set its rotation speed between 30 to 33 revolutions per minute (RPM.) According to the general standards, the drum has to complete 500 or 1,000 revolutions.
  • Fifth, after the test ends, it is time to stop the machine and carefully remove the aggregate from the drum.
  • Sixth, weigh the aggregate material that passed through the 1.70 mm sieve and the material kept on the 4.75 mm sieve.
  • Seventh, the calculation to determine the percentage of material lost originates from the following formula:

LosAngles Abrasion Value = (Weight of material passing through 1.70 mm sieve / Initial sample weight) x 100

  • After comparing the output value to the project relevant values, we can report the evaluated test results.

There are specific standards and guidelines to follow when conducting the Los Angeles Abrasion Test, and these standards may vary based on the region. It is wise to follow the test according to these standards for accurate results. And never forget about safety precautions!

What Are the Application of the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine ?

There are many applications to using a LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine in the construction industry. Here is a list simplifying the most crucial purposes:

  • Controlling the quality of aggregates: Crushed stone, gravel, and sand must display strength enough to assist in the construction of bridges, highways, roads, and many other architectural projects. This test keeps them under the specific quality standards.
  • Proper selection of construction materials: When compelled to follow specific requirements, construction projects have to constantly determine the quality and durability of the aggregates chosen for the task. The LosAngles Abrasion Test is a great way to eliminate incompetent materials from mixing into the site.
  • Following compliance with specific standards: Different projects demand different requirements! The test determines the suitability of each material before applying it to a specific project.
  • Aid for research and development: Since the construction industry constantly seeks to improve the quality of its materials, the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine is the ideal tool for studying and developing materials before using them in practical scenarios. Hence, it is a super tool for exploring sustainable and cost-effective solutions!
  • The final quality assurance: Safety and structural integrity is paramount to the construction industry, too. It will prove difficult to determine the final quality check of an applied aggregate if it does not pass through the LosAngles Abrasion Test

When buying a LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine, it is important to consider their availability, maintenance options, brand reputation, and the overall pricing before making the final purchase. After all, one machine has the capacity to provide you with years of service, so the final purchased product has to cater to all your needs!

What Are the Advantages of the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine ?

What makes the LA Abrasion Machine a crucial device of the construction industry? To answer this question, we need to follow up with all the advantages it provides to the construction landscape:

First, this machine can determine the resistance of aggregates to wear and abrasion. This information facilitates easy selection of suitable aggregates to amplify the long-term performance of infrastructure. Additionally, it is a standardized test method. Therefore, chances of this machine producing inconsistent results are minimal.

An additional benefit the machine delivers is in offering quality control. When construction materials meet specified standards, the quality of work produced is very high and up to the mark. These are not the only core advantages – it can also assist in research and development to stud and improve materials, provide a cost-effective solution to more expensive offerings, and plays an integral role in quality assurance programs within the construction industry!

Why Buy From Lotus Traders?

Do you want to buy the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine for checking the abrasion resisting quality of certain materials? Our construction equipment business has surpassed 14 years and has maintained a positive influence on the northeastern market of India. Therefore, when you buy a LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine from us, you do not buy just any product. You settle for quality, integrity, and long-term customer service!

In general, expect a 220 V Mild Steel LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine to cost around the Rs. 45,000 mark, while there are also 440 V models that will fall under Rs. 24,000. There are also the Impact Testing Machine models that will charge you over Rs. 50,000. If we were to provide you with an estimate price range, it is safe to say most LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine variants will fall between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000. Again, this will depend based on the manufacturer’s reputation and the product’s availability.

Besides aggregate testing equipment, we also have other related products like concrete testing equipment like the concrete Schmidt hammer, the slump test apparatus, etc. and cement testing equipment like the flow table, digital cube vibrating table, etc. If you want a product for your project, you can browse our site for the extensive list of products we provide. Better still; call us on our number.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine is an integral tool for checking the abrasion resistant quality of certain aggregates. These aggregates contribute to building grand highways, roads, and tall infrastructure, so they have to go through the abrasion test to prove their quality

The Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine is the perfect device for checking abrasion resistance of coarse aggregates. It is the industrial go-to equipment for passing the quality check of the materials required for building stable infrastructure.

The specifications of the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine model at Lotus Traders has a 750 W power consumption, with the drum ‘s inside diameter covering 711 mm and its internal length spanning across 508 mm.

The ideal rotation speed to achieve the most favorable results from a LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine is to set its drum’s rotation speed between 20 to 30 revolutions per minute (RPM.) The machine displays more accurate statistics when the rotation speed inclines towards the higher revolution spectrum.

The Aggregate Impact Value test has to produce a general result that falls in the range between 10 and 30 percent. However, different projects across several sectors require different percentages for determining the quality of the aggregate, so this range is not a universal truth.

The drum diameter of the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine from Lotus Traders is 711 mm.

A good test value allowed from the LA Abrasion Machine would fall around 40 percent according to Indian standards. This value is 35 percent for bituminous concrete.

The worldwide formula for applying the LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine’s test is:

LosAngles Abrasion Value = (Weight of material passing through 1.70 mm sieve / Initial sample weight) x 100

The steel balls in the LosAngles Abrasion Test play a major role – they are the primary component for serving as the abrasive elements that complement the aggregates with the abrasion test

Yes! Lotus Traders has the perfect LosAngles Abrasion Testing Machine you want, so feel free to ask for a quote today!

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