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Vicat Needle Apparatus with Dashpot

Vicat Needle Apparatus with Dashpot

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Size of Mild steel base plate

5 inches x 5 inches

Material for Construction

Stainless steel, Mild Steel

Design type



+/- 1%


40 mm

Fulcrum mould

Brass, 80 mm i.d. Base dia x 70 mm i.d. top dia, height 40mm.


Vicat needle apparatus with dashpot:

Strength through precise measurement.

Measurement of cement’s setting time and consistency is critical before using it for construction because the quality of various building materials depends on it. Moreover, the Vicat needle apparatus is coupled with a modernized dashpot instrument for precise readings. It incorporates a precisely calibrated needle along with a modern dashpot system that presents vital information about the primary and ultimate setting times of cement, thus revealing pertinent details regarding the workability as well as the setting properties of cement.

Understanding the working of Vicat needle apparatus:

A needle with a known length is inserted into the cement piece at constant stages in Vicat needle apparatus along with a dashpot. A dashpot is used to control the descent of the needle for consistent measurement of the cement’s setting time and quality. The position of the point where the needle does not leave an impression represents both the initial and final setting times of the cement. These values indicate the workability and setting characteristics of the cement itself.

Key features:

This equipment packs in precision and efficiency in testing fields. Its complete stainless/mild steel built provides longer lifespan with the same efficiency and accuracy in every test. This equipment has the best-in-class accuracy rate of +/- 1%, this trait ensures perfection in results and final quality of the product. Equipment’s dimensions are:

  • Base plate size: 5 inches x 5 inches.
  • Height: 40mm.
  • Fulcrum Mould is made of brass: 80mm i.d. base dia x 70mm i.d, top dia, height 40mm.

Testing procedure:

In this testing procedure, a standard cement paste with uniform consistency is prepared and it is filled into the Vicat Mould. Then, the apparatus’s needle slowly descended until it touched the
surface of the paste for some time after the initial time. Afterward, the needle is released, and the apparatus’s dashpot provides the equal speed descend of the needle. First, it is important to note that the first setting time in which the needle dents into the cement paste without penetrating it is registered here. Lastly, after the needle has no impact on the material, this depicts the hardening of the cement paste, which determines final setting time. These tests reveal important information about the settings behavior of the cements that influence optimum mix designs for different constructions applications.

Usage of Vicat needle apparatus with dashpot:

This important device used in construction laboratories and quality control departments for testing the stability and setting time of cement. The device is used in establishing the appropriate quantity of water needed for obtaining the wanted texture and setting time of cement to prepare good quality cementitious material for different constructions.

Advantages of utilizing the Vicat needle apparatus with dashpot:

Adoption of Vicat needle apparatus with a dashpot provides notable improvement to cement testing, which measures precisely and reliably cement’s characteristics. while hardening depending upon weather and workability conditions and so on. This device also assists to improve cement mix design such that the produced concretes meet the required standards for industrial use and government regulations.

Importance of the Vicat needle apparatus with dashpot in construction:

Vicat needle apparatus with a dashpot is important in the construction industry as it provides consistent and reliable information about the set time of cement thus guaranteeing quality concrete for various building undertakings. This apparatus is crucial in developing durable and robust structures because it enables a comprehensive evaluation of cement’s setting properties, which are instrumental in maintaining industry standards and practices for construction and material testing.

Buying of dashpot for Vicat needle apparatus from Lotus Traders is one move aimed at achieving careful and precise test on cement during a project. The excellence of the equipment they supply, as well as their superb customer services make them the right suppliers of credible testing solutions. They are experts in the industry, having adopted a customer-oriented approach that makes them reliable business partners for companies aiming for high level quality assurance of construction materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vicat needle is used to determine the initial and final setting time of the cement mixture.

A Vicat needle apparatus consist a set of three needles:

  • Initial needle.
  • Final needle.
  • Consistency plunger.

Vicat needle comes in different sizes ranging from 1mm to 10mm in diameter. These needles
are carefully calibrated and standardized to ensure accurate and efficient test results.

The time that cement takes to completely loose its plasticity after mixed with water and begins
to have structural strength and integrity.

The initial setting time refers to time that cement takes to turn into a paste by mixing with
water and begins to lose its plasticity.

The final setting time for different grade of cement are:

  • Ordinary Portland cement: 30 mins for initial setting and 10 hours for final setting.
  • Rapid hardening cement: 30 mins for initial setting and 10 hours for finial setting.
  • High alumina cement: 3.5 hours for initial setting and 5.5 hours for final setting.
  • Low heat cement: 1 hour for initial setting and 10 hours for finial setting.

The work ability of a substance indicates that how easily it can be changed into a new shape.

This apparatus is used to find out the consistency, initial setting time, and final setting time of
the cement. Normal consistency test is also performed to find out the amount of water to be added
to the cement to form a cement paste of normal consistency.

Cement is always chosen according to the application of cement. Some best in use cements are
UltraTech cement, Birla cement, Black tiger cement, Ambuja cement, and Acc cement.

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