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Shape Index Caliper

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0.4 Kg


450 X 150 X 50 mm

Measurement range

200 mm

Increment by

0.05 mm


What is shape index caliper?

The shape index caliper is useful for understanding the shape and size of an object. This is a crucial tool in the construction industry for geometric and engineering goals, as it plays a huge role in metrology, manufacturing, and quality control.

There are different types of shape index caliper models for different applications, such as then roundness caliper is good for measuring an object’s circularity, the flatness caliper is for measuring an object’s flat surface, and convexity and concavity calipers for measuring convex and concave features, respectively.

The shape index caliper’s primary role is to ensure the quality and conformity of manufactured parts and components. It can detect abnormalities in the desired shape and allow manufacturers to rectify the mistakes in their products

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What Are the Key Features of the shape index caliper?

Understanding the key features of a shape index caliper is complex because this product applies in several scenarios. Different objects put it to good use, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this equation.

Still, let us understand the core components of what makes a certain shape index caliper perfect for a certain object:

  • Evaluating the range of object sizes you need to measure before buying this product is important. For smaller object, a smaller caliper is more than enough, but larger objects will obviously require a bigger caliper.
  • In addition, if your objects require very acute measurement, the small shape index caliper is generally more precise than the larger variants.
  • Caliper sizes also depend on industrial standards, as engineers build them according to the types of measurements they have to perform. You will rarely find a shape index caliper that deviates from the norm.
  • Ergonomics is an important factor too! Larger calipers are difficult to wield than their smaller counterparts so it is crucial to evaluate the exact size you want.
  • The workspace area matters too, so your shape index caliper has to fit within the boundaries of your project without being an inconvenience.

Before deciding on the ideal shape index caliper for your next project, it is essential to match the caliper’s features to your specific measuring needs. Lotus Traders has the 450x150x50mm shape index caliper, which is great for measuring objects up to 200 mm. However, if you are looking for something larger, we will be more than happy to provide you with a more personal tour of our exclusive aggregate testing equipment

How Does the shape index caliper Work?

The shape index caliper has a simple working procedure; it uses attached arms or jaws that adapts to the specific shape characteristics in need of evaluation.

Here is a detailed process of how this aggregate testing equipment works:

  • First, selecting the appropriate caliper is paramount. Round objects require round calipers, flat objects depend on flattened calipers; tapered objects suit tapered calipers, etc. Different shapes demand different shape index calipers, which is something you need to deduce before starting your work.
  • Second, adjust the caliper’s jaws according to the targeted object’s measurements.
  • Third, carry out your primary goal – the measurement! The caliper will provide you with statistics that relate how closely the object adheres to the ideal shape. This stat can be in numbers on in graphical representation.
  • Fourth, recording all the produced results is crucial for further documentation and analysis. This information comes in handy throughout the production phase, as experts use it to correct the targeted object’s shape with the specific requirements.

A shape index caliper’s design and functionality depends on its applicable properties. This tool is the popular go-to choice in the construction industry for quality control and guaranteed assurance in manufacturing and engineering

What are the Application of the shape index caliper?

The shape index caliper is important for many industries. This is so because all of them depend on geometric perfection to produce their supplies and any imperfection in them can show evidence of poor manufacturing standards.

In manufacturing and quality control, this aggregate testing equipment plays a major role to meet specific shape requirements. In the aerospace industry, engine parts, turbine blades, and aircraft fuselages cannot exist without the help of the shape index caliper. In the automotive industry, it is the go-to tool for assessing engine components and many other automotive accessories.

The shape index caliper plays an undisputed role in medical science, too! Clinical devices and implants like pacemakers depend on the tool’s usage to have perfectly aligned shapes. Prosthetic joints and dental implants also need it to produce the desired shape and curvature for stable functionality.

Besides these scenarios, the caliper lends additional assistance to research and development, metrology laboratories, mining and geology, plastic and rubber industries, optics and lens manufacturing, etc.

What are the Advantages of the shape index caliper?

Calipers, in general, help in measuring the dimensions of objects with very high accuracy. They come in different models like digital calipers, dial calipers, etc. While these different models are useful for different fields, most of them offer the same advantages:

  • They provide precise measurement: The accuracy level of a caliper is up to 0.01 mm or better, depending on its quality and type.
  • They are easy to use: Compared to other aggregate testing equipment, this tool is relatively easy to use and does not need too many calculations or complex setups.
  • They are versatile: The shape index caliper is useful for measuring both internal and external dimensions, making it universally versatile.
  • They are durable: The best models have top-level durability, ensuring your tool is going to last many years!

They are convenient: The modern caliper has an easy-to-read digital display to help in accurate measurements. Some can even interface with computers or data collection systems

Why Buy From Lotus Traders?

Are you looking to buy a shape index caliper, but have no idea where to begin? Fret not – Lotus Traders is here to relieve you of all your worries! Our manufacturing department has the best shape index calipers for your preference, and we will be happy to provide you a hands-on experience in your purchasing journey if you wish.

If we were to evaluate current market pricings, expect a SEECO shape index caliper to cost around Rs. 1800 per piece, but premium variants will cost more, even upwards of Rs. 31,000. You will also find aggressive offerings priced somewhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000, and all these pricing factors can depend on the region you live and the certain models your local market has to offer. Also, do not be afraid to negotiate for a better price!

Therefore, if you want to make a potential purchase, hop onto our website and browse all our offerings first! Our hub is currently located in Guwahati, Assam. However, if you are a remote citizen having the urgent need to buy fine construction equipment from the best manufacturer, drop a call on our number today. We will be more than delighted to respond to your queries

Frequently Asked Questions

The shape index gauge or the shape index caliper is an integral tool for correcting the measurements of most manufacturing objects. It can determine the shape factor of most aggregates by comparing their length and width ratio to each other

The size of a shape index caliper depends on the project requirements – small-scale objects require small calipers, while huge objects demanding measurements will obviously require bigger shape index calipers

The best shape index caliper price depends on many factors – such as the model’s availability, the local demand, and the manufacturer’s market reputation, etc. This product has a wide pricing ratio – as cheaper models can start from Rs. 1800, but bigger, more sophisticated variants will charge above Rs. 30,000

Lotus Traders has a big catalogue of the best shape index calipers your money can buy, so feel free to drop us a visit anytime you feel like it

The shape index caliper is useful for many industries, such as manufacturing and quality control, aerospace and automotive industry, medical science, research and development, etc. Its importance is so vast it is difficult to contain the tool to a single industry

Lotus Traders has the traditional 200mm shape index caliper, but if you are looking for something bigger, it is wise to conduct a visit to our shop for us to grasp a better understanding of your specific needs.

Lotus Traders boast a vast array of the best shape index caliper models, so if you happen to need one for your next measuring project, drop a call on our website’s contact number to make that wise purchase

Lotus Traders has an extensive network of supply chains that deliver our products to all over the 35 districts of Assam. If you are in Guwahati, you are in luck because our hub exists in Guwahati, too! If you are a remote citizen, worry not; we will export your desired product to your place via our extensive transportation network

Yes, the shape index caliper is an ideal tool for materials testing because it seeks to remove imperfections from shapes and give accurate sizes to them according to their specific project requirements.

A shape index caliper at best price is always available from Lotus Traders, provided you understand your project’s specific needs and the type of caliper that aligns with it. Visit us today to take one home immediately

A local store or manufacturer may demand high price for the shape index caliper you want, but you will have to put your best argumentative foot forward to secure a better deal! Although, remember that the “best” price does not mean the cheapest price; compromise too much, and you will be left with too little quality.

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