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Say Bolt Viscometer

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Between 70 °F to 210 °F

Power Supply

230V 50 Hz, Single Phase, A.C.


What is say bolt viscometer

Say Bolt Viscometer is an important equipment used in asphalt bitumen testing. Such a tool consisting of a cylindrical chamber with a constant speed rotating mechanism attached to it is used to determine the viscosity of bitumen specimens, giving the different properties and flow characteristics of the samples under variable temperature circumstances.

The viscosity of bitumen is determined with the help of a viscometer, which evaluates the resistance of bitumen during rotation. The result obtained is important in order to understand the different characteristics of bitumen at variable temperatures, which gives important knowledge contributing to asphalt mix design. Ensuring and controlling viscosity helps to assure that the bitumen specimen has complied with required standards, which impacts the functioning of asphalt in a variety of applications.

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What Are the Key Features say bolt viscometer?

Following are some features and significance of Say bolt viscometer –

  • Measurement Principle: Say bolt Viscometer helps in measuring the viscosity of a fluid based on the determination of the time taken to pass a certain amount of fluid through a calibrated tube under certain temperature conditions.
  • Temperature Control: Say Bolt Viscometer are well equipped with temperature control mechanism as the measurement of viscosity greatly depends upon temperature as for e.g. Petroleum products.
  • Calibration: Calibration of Say bolt viscometer is done with the help of different calibre oils of known viscosity, which further ensures accuracy and efficient measurement.
  • Importance in Petroleum Industry: Say bolt viscometer plays an important role in the petroleum industry. They are used for maintaining quality control of oils, bitumen samples and other field products.
  • Comparison: Say bolt viscometer helps in comparing different petroleum materials or products in order to maintain and ensure that the products have met the standard and regulations of the industry.
  • Process Control: Say bolt viscometer helps in maintaining product quality by giving precise and accurate measurements, which further aids in process control.
  • Research and Development: Say bolt viscometers also play a vital role in the research and development field. They are used in studying the characterization and different flow properties of fluid.
  • Temperatures: Say bolt viscometer available with Lotus Traders can operate between temperatures 70 °F to 210 °F.
  • Power supply: Say bolt viscometer available with Lotus Traders requires power supply of 230V 50 Hz, Single Phase, A.C.

How Does the say bolt viscometer Work?

Below is a brief working procedure of Say bolt viscometer:

  • Preparation of apparatus: Say bolt Viscometer should be cleaned properly and kept moisture free. The viscometer is then filled with water and the temperature is adjusted to the desired temperature setting.
  • Preparation of sample: The samples as for eg petroleum sample is heated to assure that the sample is free from air globules.
  • Testing Temperature: The temperature of the Say bolt viscometer is maintained. The instrument available with Lotus traders gives a temperature between 70 °F to 210°F.
  • Testing: For the testing purpose, the sample is poured into the measuring object and adjusted in the water bath to maintain a constant temperature. Then the Viscometer drain valve is opened which allows the specimen to pass through the calibrated vent.
  • Timing: The viscosity of a fluid is determined by measuring the time taken to pass a certain amount of fluid through a calibrated tube under certain temperature conditions.
  • Calculations: Then further calculations are done for Say bolt Universal or Say bolt Furol viscosity on the basis of the measured time.

What are the usage and applications of say bolt viscometer ?

The applications of Say bolt viscometer are:

  • Petroleum Industry: Say bolt viscometers play an important role in the petroleum industry. The instrument helps in determining the viscosity of lubricant oils. It helps in ensuring that the lubricant has met the necessary requirements and standards of the industry which is necessary for efficiency and quality control.
  • Bitumen Testing: In the bitumen industry, say bolt viscometer helps in measuring the viscosity of bitumen that are used in road construction, as well as for evaluating the applicability of bitumen in numerous asphalt applications. Thus, ensuring consistency in the industry.
  • Quality Control: Say bolt Viscometers helps in maintaining quality by providing standard results and methods for evaluating viscosity. It helps the manufacturers to maintain uniformity by meeting all the necessary standards and regulations.

What are the Advantages and benefits of say bolt viscometer ?

Below are some advantages and benefits of Say Bolt Viscometer:

  • Rapid outcome: Say Bolt Viscometer’s mechanism provides quick results of viscosity estimation. This feature provides aid in systematic testing and helps in choosing best quality materials in construction.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Say Bolt Viscometer can withstand any temperature conditions and can be functioned at variable temperature. This feature makes the instrument a great choice for testing bitumen as their viscosity greatly depends on temperature.
  • Industrial Standardization: Say Bolt Viscometer provides results with utmost precision and accuracy and has been popularly used in the asphalt and bitumen industry. This machine is designed to provide standard results complying with the rules and also contribute to the quality control aspects.
  • Easy to Use: Say bolt Viscometer can be easily functioned and is convenient. Their easy-to-use nature makes the instrument the perfect choice for measurement in asphalt and bitumen testing fields.
  • Comparative Analysis: The Say bolt viscometer allows viscosity values ​​to be compared, helping to evaluate the stability of asphalt and bitumen specimens. It is important to ensure the appropriateness of these materials for different purposes.
  • Past Significance: Say bolt Viscometer has been used in the construction industry for a long time and since then it has been contributing to the quality and accurate results of material measurements.

Why Buy From Lotus Traders?

Acquiring a Saybolt viscometer from Lotus Traders stands as a wise decision rooted in both quality and reliability. Lotus Traders has carved a reputable niche, consistently delivering products that resonate with industry standards and customer satisfaction. The Saybolt viscometer itself is esteemed for its precision in viscosity measurement, offering consistent and accurate results essential for diverse applications. By choosing Lotus Traders, one not only secures a top-tier product but also gains access to robust customer support and commendable after-sales services. In essence, opting for this viscometer from Lotus Traders aligns with the pursuit of operational efficiency and ensures a seamless experience, making it a recommended choice for discerning professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Say bolt viscometer is an instrument used in measuring viscosity of different fluid specimens. For e.g. – bitumen samples in asphalt applications, petroleum products etc.

The benefits of Say bolt viscometers are:

  • Say bolt Viscometers give rapid results of viscosity measurements.
  • Say bolt viscometer can withstand any temperature conditions as determination of viscosity highly depends on temperature, thus ensuring accurate results.
  • Results provided by Say bolt viscometer are accurate and precise meeting with necessary standards.
  • Say bolt viscometers are easy to use and convenient.

There are two units for the Say bolt viscometer results – Say bolt Universal Seconds (SUS) and Say bolt Furol Seconds (SSF).

Say bolt Universal Seconds (SUS) is used for lighter oils, whereas Say bolt Furol Seconds (SSF) is used for heavier oils.

Say bolt Viscometers are well-equipped with a temperature bath mechanism which helps in maintaining temperature of the desired variable during the viscosity measurement.

Say bolt viscometer available with Lotus Traders requires a power supply of 230V 50 Hz, Single Phase, A.C and has a temperature between 70 °F to 210°F.

Say bolt viscometer can be calibrated using reference of standard fluids of known viscosity. Thus, ensuring precision in Say bolt viscometer measurements.

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