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New Drum Color Mixer Machine at Affordable Price in India.

Drum Color Mixer Machine

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Product Details

Drum type color mixer basically used in dry color concrete mix. Drum color mixer machine is used in concrete block which was made by hydraulic pressure technology. In a batch we can mix color with other raw material maximum total weight 100 Kg. Machine has a 2HP 3 Phase electric motor.

100 kg / Batch
Mild Steel
Design Type
Mixing Time
5 min
60 RPM
Power Source
Steel Grade
2 HP 3 Phase
Machine Size
145 X 90 X 155 cm
1440 RPM
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Unit

What is a Drum-Color Mixer Machine?

drum-color mixer machine exhibits a property that will blow your brains out! While traditional concrete mixers display conventional capabilities,i.e., providing a fine homogeneous mixture of concrete, the drum-color mixer machine goes one step further by letting you mix color during the concrete mixing procedure.

If site engineers are short on time and require decorating a platform or surface with vibrant colors without applying paint, this machine stands forward as a reliable product. It is a tremendous application for sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other decorative concrete areas.

This article will aim to explain the prominence of the drum-color mixer machine to the construction industry, so if you do not have the slightest ideas about this product, hang tight; we have covered all the specifics!

Table of Contents

What Are the Key Features of the Drum-Color Mixer?

drum-color mixer machine goes by many names; sometimes, it is a color-mixing drum concrete mixer or a color-concrete mixer. Its key features make it suitable for blending high-quality concrete with colorant or pigment for aesthetic and vibrant applications.

Herein lies the most crucial features of a typical drum-color mixer:

The ever-existent mixing drum: The mixing drum makes for the central component of the machine, a feature you come across in almost every concrete mixer! This machine typically carries the concrete ingredients, including cement, water, colorant, and aggregates, to initiate the mixing process. This drum can last long and withstand the rigors of concrete mixing.

The feature-specific color dispensing system: Move aside traditional mixers; this is where the drum-color mixer machine shines! It has an integrated color dispensing system that injects accurate pigment addition into the concrete mixer during the mixing process. Operators induce this pigment/colorant through dispensers, injectors, or other mechanisms.

The user-friendly controls: Like most mixers, the drum-color mixer machine‘s recent models also provide easy-to-understand control mechanisms and have automated features to regulate the mixing speed, colorant dosage, and other parameters. If you fancy technologically advanced controls, go for the advanced models; they have digital panels to make precise adjustments!

The ability to adjust the mixing speed: Variable mixing speeds allow for achieving the desired consistency and color distribution. Different projects work under specific requirements, so manufacturers must make this product while considering versatility.

Reliable compatibility with colorants: Different colorants exhibit different chemical properties, so the drum-color mixer machine must be able to handle all of them with extreme efficiency. The pigment can also vary by composition – it can come in liquid, powder, or granular forms. The machine must be capable of handling all of them.

If you plan to use a drum-color mixer machine for your upcoming project, take a deep breath, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and undergo proper training to ensure accurate and reliable incorporation of color into the concrete mix. Too much or too little can weaken the concrete or not provide the desired color saturation.

How Does the Drum-Color Mixer Machine Work?

The how-to is the most integral part of the article, and this article will explain this section in detail. The primary steps involved in operating a drum-color mixer are as follows:

Loading the primary ingredients: The first step is to load all the ingredients into the mixing drum, like sand, gravel, concrete, etc. Some specific requirements also ask for other elements like crushed stone or additives. The exact proportions of these ingredients depend on the nature of the project.

Adding the desired colorant: The next step is to add color to the concrete mix. This process takes the aid of a color dispensing system. The colorant matter can come in liquid, powder, or granular composition.

Carrying out the mixing process: Once the colorant undergoes addition, the mixing process takes center stage. The drum rotates, and its mixing blades or paddles assist in blending the ingredients. The rotation ensures that the colorant undergoes even distribution and does not saturate one part of the mix more than the other.

Adjusting the mixing speed: Yes, it’s possible! Most drum-color mixer machine models allow adjusting the mixing speed as needed to achieve the desired consistency and uniform color distribution. A slower mixing speed can provide better color dispersion, while a faster mixing speed is convenient for speeding up the mixing process!

Constant monitoring and control: Special controls and monitoring systems allow the operator to stay alert and fine-tune the mixing process. Several features exist in these controls, such as regulating the mixing time, checking the drum rotation speed, and measuring the colorant dosage.

Completing the mix: The mixing process finally halts after reaching the desired level of homogeneity. The time required to produce a fine mix depends on factors like the mixer’s capacity and the specific concrete mix design.

Discharging the colored concrete: The drum has angle inclination features. This benefit allows tilting the drum to remove the colored concrete mixture. Wheelbarrows and buckets are ideal choices for transporting the mix to a desired location and applying it.

Cleaning the mixer: No machine lasts without regular maintenance, so do not expect the drum-color mixer machine to be different! Thoroughly clean the mixer to prevent colorant residue from affecting subsequent batches.

The key to achieving consistent and uniform colored concrete is maintaining precise control of the colorant dosage and thorough mixing. Operators must follow manufacturer guidelines and best practices to ensure that!

What Are the Advantages of the Drum-Color Mixer?

The drum-color mixer machine is most applicable where the primary target is to produce decorative or colored concrete. Most construction endeavors now seek to add color to new projects, so expect the machine to be a popular choice in today’s modern industry.

Here is an extensive list of scenarios that make utmost use of the drum-color mixer:

It can make decorative concrete projects:

-It can assist in giving shape to stamped concrete patterns adorned with contrasting colors and textures.

-It can add color to create stained concrete to achieve translucent or mottled effects.

-It can deliver exposed aggregate finishes by combining colors with concrete.

It can make architectural concrete:

-Precast architectural concrete like colored panels, facades, and ornaments effectively use the drum-color mixer machine.

-It can also mix colored concrete for artistic and sculptural installations.

It can assist in hardscape and landscaping:

-It can install colored concrete for driveways, sidewalks, and pathways to enhance curb appeal.

-It can create decorative concrete borders like curbs and landscape edging.

Its effectiveness in handling commercial and public spaces:

-Modern business ventures use the drum-color mixer machine to make attractive floors for retail stores, restaurants, and supermarkets.

-Even the government uses this machine to construct colored concrete surfaces in public spaces to enhance visual interest!

It provides compatibility for infrastructure and public works:

-It can give a new lease of life to urban streetscapes with colored concrete crosswalks, intersections, and medians.

-It can also incorporate colored concrete into public art projects and installations.

It is ideal for custom projects:

-Besides the usual usage scenarios, let us not forget that clients or designers have specific demands for a particular color or a distinct concrete finish. The drum-color mixer machine exists to comply with all these custom demands!

Remember that a drum-color mixer machine is the go-to tool for projects focusing on aesthetics, design flexibility, and customized concrete finishes.

What Are the Advantages of the Drum-Color Mixer?

drum-color mixer machine shows several advantages over other traditional mixers to stay an indispensable product for systematic concrete production. Here is a breakdown of its most influential benefits:

Its consistent color mixing results: The drum-color mixer machine output is often up-to-mark, ensuring uniform color distribution throughout the entire batch. Expect a visually appealing and even-colored finish every time!

Its aesthetic versatility: It’s flexible by design; the machine can create a wide range of color options, making it possible to achieve various decorative effects, patterns, and custom colors.

It is cost-effective: The drum-color mixer machine eliminates the need for applying surface stains or colored coatings by directly mixing the colorant into the concrete.

It keeps track of time: Since the additional coloring steps like coating or painting get removed from the finished product, expect to save time while using the machine! The machine is a one-stop shop for producing visually attractive concrete.

Its labor and waste reduction capability: The automation and control features that come with this machine reduce the need for manual color mixing, which can become a labor-intensive, prone-to-inconsistencies process. Also, precise colorant dosing eliminates the risk of overuse and material waste, which can lead to reduced environmental impact.

In today’s construction landscape, The drum-color mixer machine has evolved into a pivotal innovation for the construction industry. It ushers unparalleled advantages and versatility for projects requiring colored or decorative concrete finishes.

There’s no point sleeping on this product when it can seamlessly integrate pigment into the concrete mix and reduce the need for post-pour coloring treatments! Labor charges and the time to complete something get reduced, and watch your project burst with vibrant details!

Frequently Asked Questions

While traditional concrete mixers display conventional capabilities,i.e., providing a fine homogeneous mixture of concrete, the drum-color mixer machine goes one step further by letting you mix color during the concrete mixing procedure.

drum-color mixer machine delivers consistent results, eliminates the need for post-processing duties like coloring the concrete surface, is portable by design, and is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive mixing machines. 

The traditional models can mix up to 100 kilograms per batch. Expect this ratio to go higher with the more exclusive models.

The drum-color mixer machine has prices based on their models – the minute variants can range between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 11,000, while the most expensive, gargantuan variants can demand up to Rs. 2,00,000!

Follow all industrial guidelines before operating the drum-color mixer machine. It’s not a complicated device, but it helps to understand the procedure before working with it!

Yes, Lotus Traders keep many drum-color mixer variants! Visit us today to learn more details!

Yes! Drum-color mixers are easy to operate compared to other concrete mixers. They come with user-friendly controls, so beginners and veterans alike can hop onto carrying out their construction projects without taking too much time to learn to operate them.



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