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Hydraulic Vane Pump

Hydraulic pumps are important accessory equipment in the construction industry. Get the hydraulic vane pump at the best price from Lotus Traders today!

Hydraulic Vane Pump

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About Hydraulic Vane Pump

The hydraulic vane pump works as a positive displacement pump. In hydraulic systems, it can generate hydraulic pressure and help in a steady fluid flow. There are a set of vanes installed within the pump housing inside a circular chamber. When these vanes rotate, they capture and thrust liquid from the pump’s inlet to its outlet in full (but steady) force!

The industry appreciates the hydraulic vane pump for its high efficiency, silent characteristics, and a smooth working procedure. This machine is not only relevant in the construction sector, but is also integral to industrial machinery, mobile equipment, and automotive power steering systems. The pump offers many designs for preference – single vane, double vane, balanced vane configurations, etc.

Key Features of Hydraulic Vane Pump

The hydraulic vane pump has many interesting features! Some specific perks that make it a popular choice in the industry center on:

Its ability to provide positive displacement: For each revolution from the pump, the machine promises a consistent volume of fluid output. This is suitable for applications that require a steady and precise flow.

Its high efficiency: Other positive displacement pumps like gear pumps cannot compete in consistency with the hydraulic vane pump. The latter can operate at very high speeds and provide suitable volumetric efficiency.

Its quiet feature: Even though it operates at top speeds, the technology of the pump allows the vanes to move inside the pump without making too much noise.

Its capacity to handle a wide viscosity range: This pump has the capacity to provide versatile operation for different fluids with different viscosities, making it adaptable to many working conditions.

Its simplicity in design: The hydraulic vane pump also has a self-priming system, meaning it can start pumping fluid even though the chamber is empty, thereby simplifying its startup process!

If there are more features we have to still talk about, this technical marvel can provide variable displacement options, is highly reliable, provides a cost-effective solution, and is also typically compact in appearance. However, factors like pressure requirements, flow rate, and fluid compatibility play huge roles in determining the exact hydraulic vane pump you need for your project.

Working Procedure of Hydraulic Vane Pump

This machine works on the principle of positive displacement. This means the amount of hydraulic fluid it delivers on each pump is consistent. The major components underlying this machine are the housing pump, an eccentrically mounted rotor, vanes, an inlet and an outlet, and a fluid displacement system.

The working procedure of a hydraulic vane pump is pretty simple and straightforward:

  • The pump operates with the vanes in a fully retracted position as the beginning fluid volume is at its maximum.
  • When the rotor rotates, centrifugal force pushes the vanes outward, causing them to come in contact with the housing’s inner surface.
  • This causes the fluid volume to decrease, thereby trapping the fluid and generating pressure.
  • When the pump pushes the fluid out through the outlet port, the flow is very severe. It generates under extreme pressure.
  • This cycle repeats! Once the hydraulic vane pump completes one thrust, the vanes return to their original position and the process happens again.

Applications of Hydraulic Vane Pump

The hydraulic vane pump is not only a crucial component to construction, but also a major player in many other industries. Some of the most common applicable areas where this machine delivers consistent results fall in:

Industrial machinery: Machine tools, plastic injection molding machines, and hydraulic presses use the product to perform important functions like clamping, shaping, and cutting.

Mobile equipment: Construction equipment like excavators, tractors, forklifts, cranes, and bulldozers apply the hydraulic vane pump to power hydraulic functions like lifting, steering, and work tools.

Automotive industry: The pump also helps this industry by contributing to steering control. It provides the amount of hydraulic pressure required to lessen the humane effort of turning the steering wheel.

Aerospace industry: In this industry, you can notice the pump’s efficiency in various applications such as landing gear systems, flaps, and hydraulic actuators.

Machine industry: Winches, steering systems, and hydraulic thrusters on ships and boats depend on the hydraulic vane system too!

Agricultural industry: Farmers make smart use of the pump in agricultural work, such as controlling the hydraulic fluid flow for various tasks in the field, raising and lowering implements, etc.

This applicable list does not end here; other usage-case scenarios of the hydraulic vane pump are in material handling for conveyors or lifts, injection molding, providing power to generators and turbines, generating controlled hydraulic forces for test and stimulation equipment, cutting and printing for the paper industry, etc. From this, we can conclude that different projects require specific hydraulic vane pumps!

Advantages of Hydraulic Vane Pump

There are several advantages to using a hydraulic vane pump, which makes it the super choice for various applications. If we were to list a few benefits from its capabilities, the major points will revolve around its:

Positive displacement: The amount of hydraulic fluid exerted from each rotation of the pump is consistent. There are no scenarios where one thrust exerts more volume than the other!

Consistent reliability: If subjected to constant repair and maintenance, the hydraulic vane pump will stick to its reliability for a long time. Also, they have fewer wear components!

Compact design: Most of this pump’s models are small in appearance, making it the go-to choice in areas with limited space.

Variable displacement: It is additionally possible to control the outflow volume in this pump. This is useful in situations or projects that require variable displacement options.

Uncompromised versatility: Because of its wide viscosity range, the hydraulic vane pump can provide assistance to a wide range of industries from manufacturing to farming, etc.

Because of the pump’s efficiency, self-priming benefits, and low noise, industrial experts simply cannot choose to ignore it!

Why Choose Lotus Traders

Are you thinking of buying the hydraulic vane pump at the best price? Lotus Traders has the best models available in the market today, and at the best prices!

According to current market estimates, expect a traditional vane pump to cost somewhere between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 16, 000 per piece. If your preference is a single vane pump, this model will come between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 21, 000, while a double vane pump is significantly pricier, around Rs. 43, 000 for its higher-end models. The ideal hydraulic vane pump that you need will depend on your budget and your project’s specific requirements!

Feel free to drop a call on our number today for any enquiries about your favorite hydraulic pump. If you want to have a clearer idea of the products we maintain in our hub, take a look at our website!

Frequently Asked Questions

The hydraulic vane pump is a positive displacement pump that generates hydraulic pressure and maintains a steady fluid flow. This machine is important for many industries – construction, mobile equipment, automobile, aerospace, pulp and paper, etc.

The best hydraulic vane pump price will depend on the model and the specific project requirement. Ideally, a pump will have a starting price of Rs. 7000, while a higher model such as the double vane pump can go up to Rs. 43, 000. This numbers reflect approximate prices and are not market-accurate.

The yuken models of hydraulic vane pumps offer a wide discharge range along with stable performance. This benefit makes them a primary source of hydraulic actuation.


The primary hydraulic vane pump parts are the housing pump, a rotor, vanes, an inlet and an outlet, and a fluid displacement system, etc.

The hydraulic vane pump pressure range does not go over 180-210 bar. However, this may change in specific pumps, where the required pressure has to touch 300 bars.

Lotus Traders has the best hydraulic vane pump models, so if you are looking to buy one, visit our website today to have a clearer idea of the exact products we provide!

The hydraulic vane pump working principle is pretty straightforward – it uses a rotating cylinder with internal vanes that slide in and out to control the fluid output flow. This flow is consistent in every cycle, thereby eliminating errors and maintaining consistency.

Both models offer different yet similar characteristics – while the hydraulic vane pump depends on a hydraulic propulsion system, the gear pump depends on two meshing gears. The output flow comes from the opening between these two gears. The type of pump required to carry out the work overall depends on project requirements.


Lotus Traders is a prominent hydraulic vane pump supplier in Guwahati since the past fourteen years. If you want to buy one to complement your upcoming project, choosing from our catalogue of products is a wise choice! We only keep the best equipment and do not entertain sub-par products.

The best hydraulic vane pumps are hard to categories since the type of pump that you require for a certain project will often vary due to the project’s different demanding characteristics. However, the most popular hydraulic vane pumps in the market are the single vane, double vane, unbalanced fixed displacement, balanced fixed displacement, variable displacement, etc.

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