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Powerful 10Hp Reversible Concrete Mixer Machine

The Reversible Concrete Mixer machine comes with a Batch capacity of 350 Liters, Hopper capacity of 500 Liters,  

Reversible Concrete Mixer

Reversible Concrete Mixer Machine

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Reversible Concrete Mixer Machine is a industrial machine used in big construction projects like Road making, Building making, Bridge making and etc.

The function of reversible concrete mixer machine is to finely mix the concrete. The machine has a drum type where one should input the raw concrete materials and then the when the machine is turned on the drum revolves around and the materials got mixed up and output the final mixer automatically when drum is moved reversely.

This machine is one of the mostly and widely used concrete mixer machine for a big construction project. It is best engineered concrete mixer machine so far build. It works very efficiently in almost every construction condition.

Batch Capacity
350 Ltr.
Hopper Capacity
500 Ltr.
Machine Output/Hour
7-9 Cu.M./Hr.
Total Power Required
10Hp (7.5 KW) Electric Motor.
Water Tank Capacity
150 Ltr
Weighing System
Load Cell Based Weighing System with Digital Display.
Hydraulic Pump
16 Lpm @ 200 Bar.
Pneumatic Wheels (4 Nos.) 6*16.
Jack Leveling
Pin type (4 Nos.)
Weight (kg.)

What is a Reversible Concrete Mixer Machine?

reversible concrete mixer machine has one feature that differentiates it from almost any other concrete mixer in the construction industry,i.e., the capability to rotate its mixing drum in both directions.

Most potential owners may consider this dual-direction rotation an unnecessary integration into the product, but it delivers uncompromised, unparalleled, and fine-quality concrete.

The reversible concrete mixer machine has another alias – it also identifies as a mini mobile concrete batching plant. Industrial experts typically build this mixer with two entrances; one opening is for installing the ingredients, and the other is for discharging the concrete.

The average price of a reversible concrete mixer machine in India varies between ₹3.5 lakh to ₹5 lakh, depending on the model capacity, power source, and features. It is also relatively more expensive to maintain, and its market prices exceed other traditional mixers.

What Are the Key Features of the Reversible Concrete Mixer?

concrete mixer machine in Meghalaya

As previously discussed, the reversible mixing drum can rotate in both directions, orchestrating a finely blended concrete mix. Several additional features complement its specifications, making it a fine choice for perfection-chasing enthusiasts.

The reversible concrete mixer machine is a gigantic force of nature, so expect outputs of vast concrete batches that save quality time and labor on construction projects. The mixer also boasts durable properties, as industrial experts build them with the agenda of withstanding the rigors of construction sites.

Additional features like an easy-to-use interface, a certain degree of portability, and rigorous safety features make the reversible concrete mixer machine an exciting piece of industrial equipment. They come with emergency stop buttons and protective covers to prevent unwanted site accidents and raise the safety standards of the people involved in the concrete mixing process.

Specific, higher-end models come with a vibratory system to thoroughly mix the ingredients, a water control system to control the water flow into the mixing drum, and a programmable control panel for setting the mixing time and other parameters. Consider your specific needs before opting for a reversible concrete mixer machine; you may miss out on exciting features by opting for a cheaper model!

How Does the Reversible Concrete Mixer Machine Work?

It is crucial to understand the components of the reversible concrete mixer machine before comprehending how it works. It has the traditional mixing drum that you can notice on all concrete mixers, the driving motor to rotate the drum, and the control panel to streamline the process through technical instructions.

The mixing drum is cylindrical, and it rotates on a horizontal axis. Its surface adorns the finest steel or concrete with internal blades or paddles. These paddles participate in the mixing process as the drum rotates.

Electricity or diesel fuel typically powers the drive motor. The electric variants are more expensive, but they are also quieter and easier to maintain. Diesel motors offer more horsepower, but they are loud, obnoxious, and produce more emissions for the environment.

Here are the steps on how a reversible concrete mixer machine works:

  1. The operator loads the concrete ingredients (cement, sand, aggregates, water) into the mixing drum.
  2. The operator starts the drive motor and turns on the mixing drum via the control panel.
  3. The mixing drum rotates in one direction, mixing the concrete ingredients. Once a timezone passes, the operator changes the rotation direction, and the drum starts uniformly blending the concrete in the reverse path again.
  4. The operator must monitor the mixing process to avoid unwanted lapses and adjust the mixing time per requirements.
  5. Once the concrete reaches the desired consistency, the operator stops the drive motor at once.
  6. The operator opens the discharge hatch in the mixing drum and discharges the concrete onto wheelbarrows and buckets or directly onto the desired surface.

What are the Usage-Case Scenarios of the Reversible Concrete Mixer?

Since the reversible concrete mixer machine does not compromise on quality, it becomes an integral tool for delivering concrete in situations that require high-quality output. It is also a good option for projects requiring a vast production quantity or in areas where the concrete has to fit across different shapes and sizes.

Projects with tight deadlines also benefit from the efficiency of the reversible concrete mixer machine, making them a good option for mixing concrete more quickly than other types of concrete mixers.

Remote locations take advantage of the reversible concrete mixer machine since it offers portability and transportation range, something larger concrete mixers lack by tradition. It can also undergo authorized customization to meet specific requirements, such as mixing concrete with special additives.

It pays dividends to understand the capacity of a reversible concrete mixer machine, its power source, and additional features like a vibratory and a water control system before purchasing one. Of course, the price will vary by make, model, and capacity.

Reversible Concrete Mixer Machine

What Are the Advantages of the Reversible Concrete Mixer?

So, what advantages does the reversible concrete mixer machine bring to the table? There are many.

Along with promising better mixing quality and quantity while lending access to portability and easy-to-use operations, the machine lends durability and robustness, making them a long-term solution rather than a short-term investment.

Finally, the reversible concrete mixer machine reduces the wastage of materials, increases productivity, and offers flexibility across several projects. They are a good choice for industrial operators and DIY enthusiasts alike

What Makes the Reversible Concrete Mixer Machine Unique?

The reversible concrete mixer machine is a unique innovation; it leaves several other traditional mixers behind due to its convenient features. First, we already know the mixing drum can rotate in both directions, resulting in better-quality concrete.

It is easy to operate, movable from one place to another, is typically more durable than other mixers, and is a good choice for various construction projects, from small to large, and can save your precious time and money.

Overall, the reversible concrete mixer machine has become a reliable choice for modern construction endeavors. A perfectly blended mix is a bonus, and the interface is so easy even beginners can get to grips with it without undergoing industrial training!

The reversible concrete mixer machine has evolved by leaps and bounds to convert it into an essential tool in the construction industry. Its mixing quality and quantity make it a prime product to lean construction standards upon. With state-sponsored initiatives urging builders to rely on more robust and long-lasting infrastructure, it is easy to decipher why the reversible concrete mixer machine has become the popular choice in every state to raise their skyscrapers to the skies.

Segregation is a problem that occurs when the different components of concrete, such as cement, sand, and aggregates, separate from each other. This mishap can lead to weak and unstable concrete, something the reversible concrete mixer machine cuts out from the equation.

If you came across this article, it is safe for us to assume that you are looking for a reversible concrete mixer machine for your next project. Do you feel it is a better alternative to other mixers? Do you want the best concrete mix you can afford from the market that does not compromise tensile strength and durability?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A reversible concrete mixer machine has the unique capacity to rotate its mixing drum in both directions, something most mixer machines lack in nature. It assists in delivering top-quality concrete because of this feature.

The average price of a reversible concrete mixer machine in India varies between ₹3.5 lakh to ₹5 lakh, depending on the model capacity, power source, and features.

We only have the finest reversible concrete mixer machines available and do not stockpile bootlegs in our shop. Our products have quality bearing the intention to last long, so if you choose to purchase from us today, you decide to retain that product forever!

Industrial-sized reversible concrete mixer machines boast a capacity of 9 m³. They can produce a substandard-quality concrete mix within 40 seconds.

No, reversible concrete mixers are not hard to operate. They come with relatively easy-to-use controls and have preinstalled safety standards to prevent hazards or accidents.

Yes! Reversible concrete mixer machines are easy to operate compared to other concrete mixers. They come with user-friendly controls, so beginners and veterans alike can hop onto carrying out their construction projects without taking too much time to learn to operate them.



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